Buttons and Burlap: DIY Bridal Shower Invitations

Do you know that there is nothing that a good party planning sesh can't cure?!  Literal true story.
Something about working the creative brain that just clears the cobwebs and makes the insides happy.
You should try it sometime.

In preparation for a bridal shower for my cousin's fiance, I put these invites together in about 20 minutes.  It's amazing what a little bit of spray paint, thrifted buttons and a few inches of burlap can do.

Take a check. . .

You will need 

  • burlap 
  • paper tags {bought these at Hobby Lobby, though I'm sure you could homemake them if you aren't lazy like me}
  • paper clips
  • spray paint
  • buttons
  • hot glue gun
  • envelopes

I didn't want silver clips on the invites and I was too cheap to purchased colored ones.  A couple quick sprays of white paint did the trick.  Though I admit it won't hold up to much scratching.
Hello silver peeking through.  Aren't you just a doll?!

Adhere one button to the long edge of the paper clip with a small dab of hot glue.  Slip one button clip to the edge of the card when you finish the steps below.

Cut pieces of burlap large enough to overlap the edges of the paper tag.  Adhere together with a small bit of hot glue.  Fray the edges by removing the side strings of burlap.  Recycle these as ties in the side hole.
Go you sexy green thang, you!

And voila!  In the amount of time it took me to upload these photos and type out the instructions, you will have a sweet mess of bridal shower invites.  

Lastly, here's three random advices in the invitation department that I will offer you for free. 

1. If you must spray paint in your house, do so near an open window with your mouth closed.
2. Spray paint doesn't stick to paper clips well.
3. Straighten burlap before cutting, unless of course you like a crooked grain.

Husband is currently off watching the US Olympic Wrestling tryouts, while I haven't left my bed for the day.  I plan to make myself some yums for the tums.  Maybe read a book or five.  And overall allow my brain and bum to rest after one long tiring week.

Happy weekend lovelies!


  1. aw, so darn cute! lovely idea:)


  2. those are so adorable! may have to give them a try sometime!

  3. These are so cute! Let's hope I remember this next time I need invites for something ;)