A How-To On Keeping Yer ChinUp

Hello Monday.
Thank you for finally bringing an end the week numbered The Worst.

Maybe it's the fact that Mr Mac Doctor still hasn't fixed my computer.
{It's going on a week since I gave it to you.  Hellloooooo.  Eenybuddy hooome?!}

Maybe it's the fact that I'm tired of sleeping on an air mattress for the last six weeks.
Oh.  Did I mention that we got bed bugs several months ago?!  That's why our house has literally been torn to shreds in an effort to get rid of them, including throwing out our bed. 
Eepps.  I just saw 27 of you curl your noses and officially unfriend me.  That's ok.  Sometimes life throws us yucky curveballs.

Maybe it's the fact that somehow I completely missed the Bible study group I'm suppose to lead, a shopping date with a friend AND a bus trip all in one day.  Holyshmoley woman.  Buy a dang planner.

Maybe it's the fact that I'm really tired of climbing through plaster dust and wood chunks to get to the dressers in our halfway remodeled room every morning.  Does it every end?!?

Maybe it's because all this stress puts Husband and I at odds for the slightest crooked glance.

And maybe it's because I'm pretty sure that because I try to live my life in an honest, transparent way, the entire population now views me as the world's biggest complainer.

But just because today is a new day with no mistakes in it, here's what I'm doing to keep my chin up.

I will go buy myself lunch at my favorite pizza place in the whole world.
I will get outside and run because fresh air makes everything better.
I will read a book because I dont' have a laptop for wasting precious time.
I will choose to speak positive words to my friends.
I will to laugh with Husband as we blow up our bed for the 127 time tonight.
And most of all
I will thank God that He alwaysalwaysalways works all things for good in our lives.


  1. I hope you get all the bed bugs out quick so you can sleep on a real bed again! I am not a fan of air mattresses bc I always wake up with a crink in my neck! Enjoy your pizza lunch today! Yum!

  2. My favorite quote ever, spoken by a Pastor from Fiji to me while we were sitting under a coconut tree (life can be rough even under a coconut tree...) -- "Today is a brand new day. It is a day I have never seen before it is a day I will never see again." Brings TODAY and all the good that can come or that bad that may come into perspective. Go make today a day for the good-history list!

  3. I do not judge you for any of this, especially the bed bugs - my biggest fear! Your week will turn around!!

  4. Keep a stiff upper lip, hun. No, the remodel never really ends. It just moves from room to room. No, you will not get to the place where you stop forgetting things, it will just be different types of things. No, even after being married over a dozen years, you will not find some blissful nirvana where you won't argue. It will just be about different stuff, and triggered by different things. But, that's ok. It's all part of the adventure. And, really, you wouldn't want it any other way anyway! :) Hang in there!

  5. Congratulations :) You're much better at this than I am. You're an inspiration, my dear! xoxo

  6. Glad you're back to the blog...I missed reading your posts the last few days. I hope the pizza is delicious, the fresh air and reading time are refreshing, and the mattress is restful. The dust will settle. But you know you can always come have dinner here if you just can't bear the exposed walls or whatever. Love ya!

  7. You never fail to put a smile on my face :) Your an inspiration!

  8. exactly the same things that are happening to me and that i needed to read!

  9. wow, just read this and apparently you and i think a lot alike today, i did a similar post! Sounds like you will have a new beautiful room soon though, bedbug free!

  10. I love your transparency! Here's wishing you lots of laughs, a little less dust, and a better memory <3

  11. Sometimes you just have to complain a little to make yourself feel better! Hang in there :-)

    Elyse @ My Life With a Cherry on Top

  12. I don't think I would be handling this all as gracefully as you are! I hope those bedbugs get gone and never come back! I'm glad you're doing this to keep your chin up instead of just giving up :)

    I hope you have an awesome week this week!

  13. What a horrible awful no good week! Ugh. I'm so sorry! That saying of "when it rains it pours" can be so close to the truth. I hope everything will gradually work itself out. And maybe, just maybe, you and your hubs will laugh about this one day. Here's to a better week!!! Thanks for your honesty but always looking on the bright side.

  14. Ugh, sorry you had a rough week friend - I hope life starts to get easier for you guys soon, you're just in one of those frustrating testing phases right now and eventually it will pass and you will get your comp back, and buy a new bed, and get all of the house repairs finished :) It's just the in-between part that is so difficult!


  15. thank you for writing this post. I feel like lately I could make a list of bad or annoying circumstances that seem to be coming at once. BUT God is so good and there are so many blesses and little things that I forget to enjoy and thank him for. so thank you! I hope this week is better!

  16. Blah blah blah, and I still don't hear complaints just transparency and I greatly appreciate it!
    We should chat soon, after you've had your pizza and fresh air of course.

  17. You are definitely not a complainer!
    You are an inspiration.