I Love You More Than 343 Days Ago

Yesterday was the first wedding Husband and I attended since our own.  Golly-Miss-Molly how the time has flown.  As I listened to the beautiful bride and groom make their promises to each other, I sniffed my own tears back with my arms wrapped tightly around my boy.

So in honor of this beautiful and sacred thing called marriage, I thought I would share our vows that we wrote for each other.  Funny how quickly I can forget the things I earnestly promised to do almost one year ago.

Nicole, my love, you are the answer to so many of my prayers.  It felt like so many lonely, long years I had waited and prayed for you , thinking that my prayers were falling on deaf ears.  and then when God gave me you, it felt like a great, undeserved, beautiful gift from my dad who loves me.  In the bible, it says " no eye has seen, no ear has heard, and no mind has imagined what God has prepared for those who love him".  During those lonely nights and days before I knew your name, he was preparing me for you and you for me.  I delight in you so much, Baby.  God has made you perfectly for me.  I love your sweet smile, your tender heart, your passion for God and your compassion for others.

...and now today i get to marry you and with this ring I make a promise before God and man that you will always be my first love and my first priority, my best friend,my delight, my joy and my girl.  I acknowledge the sweet reality that we are now one flesh and one body- that we belong to each other.  your Body and your heart belong to me and my body and heart belong to you.  I understand before God that I have the awesome and beautiful privileged of  caring, nurturing, and cherishing the blessing that God's given me, which is you.  I promise that my eyes and my heart will only be for you.  I promise til death do us part, and if i could extend the contract beyond that, I would.

I know that after today, harder days will come.  Life will be a a mixture of storms and sunshine, blessings and challenges.  I know that feelings will wax and wane and that we'll fail each other at times.  But i also know that with this ring I make a covenant before God to walk with you through it all, to rejoice with you during the good times and to cry and comfort you during the hard times.  As God never leaves nor forsakes u, I promise to never leave nor forsake you until God calls us home.  So today I commit my Love, my body, my heart, my future, and my life to you.

Adam, I’ve spent so many years praying for someone I could spend the rest of my life with in a reckless pursuit of Christ.  When I stepped off that plane in Beijing almost four years ago, I had no idea I was about to meet the answer to those prayers.  As we became friends in places around the world, I found my heart captivated by a blonde haired, blue-eyed man who spent his summers in China playing with orphans.  I fell in love with your passionate heart for God and your genuine love for people 
So for these and a thousand other reasons, I, Nicole, take you Adam, to be my forever and always husband.
I promise to keep Christ as my sole satisfaction and fulfillment in life.  I promise to live a life that seeks to honor Him in all I do, so I can love you with an overflow of the unconditional love Christ has shown me.
I promise to honor your commitment to wait for me as your wife, by giving you, and you only, every part of me.  I give you my heart, my emotions, my dreams, my future, my love, my respect and my goodnight kisses.
I promise to submit to you, believing that God has sovereignly placed you as the leader in our home.  I promise to believe in you when no one else does.  I promise to make our home a place of rest for your heart, mind and body.  More than anything, I promise that as the storms of life come, I will stand faithfully beside you as your wife for as long as we both live.
Adam, you are the best gift God has ever given me.  You are the one I want to laugh and cry with.  The one I want to suffer and rejoice with.  You are the one I want to do ministry with around the world.  You are the one I want to start a family with and the one I want to stand beside when the children are placed in our arms who were always meant to be part of our forever family. 
You are my best friend, my prayer partner, my confidant, my lover, and today you will become my husband.  I love you and want to spend and learn and love the rest of my life with you.

It's amazing that after barely one year of marriage, the significant of our marriage vows means so much more to me.  We have worked through some conflict.  We have weathered some small storms.  We have experienced sorrow and joy.  Somehow the promise to stay true to each other through the good times and bad suddenly carries more weight.  More value.  

And as the bride and groom ran out yesterday with their huge newly wedded smiles, I whispered to Adam, Can you imagine the value of your vows after 30, 40 or 50 years?!  Then we agreed to stay married for 110 years.

I hope you pull out your vows and when you cuddle up to your man tonight, maybe just whisper them in his ear.  Then kiss 'im like you mean it!  Your marriage just might depend on it.

Happy Monday, lovelies!


  1. wow! your vows are so, so beautiful and real. thank you for sharing them. i love the idea of sharing them with our loves at home snuggled up in bed, and then giving my man one big 'ol smakaroo! thank you for the inspiration and romantic idea, girl :)

    xo, amanda


  2. You are such a cute couple! Love the vows.


  3. oh wow. way to get me all teary-eyed on a monday. this is awesome and i love that you wrote your own vows. so special.

    1. p.s. i was actually all teary-eyed already because it is a monday. :-)

  4. Yep. Those vows were amazing.

  5. you two are so adorable! I am loving these photos and your blog!!


  6. well, now you've just about got me crying. way to go. haha. but seriously, those are beautiful. you should type them and frame them.

    and aren't weddings so much more special now that YOU'RE married?? I cry like a baby now!

  7. This is awesome nicole!! =) How sweet =)
    You guys wrote wonderful vows!!
    Much Love,


  8. This is truly beautiful. Beautiful.

  9. Where did you get your adorable dress? i think i need one. =)

    1. H&M in China. :/ It's literally like double too many sizes for me, but it was the last one and I refused to leave it there. Maybe you could find it online?!

  10. This was beautiful and sweet and perfect.
    Thanks for making me tear up.
    Thank you for sharing.
    Oh, Just Living the Dream

  11. This is so precious! Both of your vows are absolutely amazing and heartfelt. Thanks for sharing :)

    PS- can you stop having such perfect hair? people are getting jealous over here!

  12. I loved your vows then and I love them all over again now. They're so personal and specific. Our "standard" vows were meaningful to me too, but I kind of wish we had put our spin on them like you did. Very sweet.

  13. wow. this is great. your pics are darling!!

  14. Wow. Take my breathe away and make me feel nostalgic. These words are so beautiful and so very very sweet. You two are the ultimate couple. Your love is definitely real. Wish we could go on a double date!

  15. I love your vows, they are so sweet, sincere, and heart felt. Thanks so much for sharing them with us :) And these pictures of you guys... adorable :)


  16. SO sweet! Our anniversary is coming up, loved reading your vows! Beautiful! You both are so stinkin cute! Loving your space here and looking forward to following! Thank you for your sweet comment on our blog! We live in {HOTT} Utah ;)

  17. It was such a beautifully, sweet wedding. I was so thankful you invited me and that we got to go!!! Very memorable.

  18. I thought my vows were too long, but now I wish I could go back and add to them! love everything you guys said =)