I Present To You 'Short Sheeting'

Mmkay.  After I shared the story of how my sisters and I have short sheeted our parents for the last four years, several of you inquired about short sheeting.  My reply to this?!  Shenma the heck!
{this is chinglish for what the heck}
How can you even call your life a life if you have never enjoyed the pleasure of short sheeting someone you love!?

So today I joyfully present to you a How-To On Happiness.  (ei. short sheeting)

Step 1.  Put your stealth-suit on and do your deed when said loved one is not around

Step 2.  Remove blankets and top sheet from bed.

Step 3.  Take top sheet and tuck it into the head of the mattress.

this is where it can get tricky

Step 4.  Begin to smooth the sheet towards the middle of the bed, but stop halfway.

Step 5.  Reverse the direction of the sheet and smooth it back towards the normal position near the head.  {The top of the top sheet should end in the regular position where the pillows lay}

WHAT'S HAPPENING: This creates a loop in the sheets that said loved one will catch their feet in as they attempt to get under the covers. Hence the 'short sheets'.

Step 6.  Stand at the closed bedroom door at night and listen for humorous sounds coming from the bed.

Step 7.  Be incredibly overjoyed that you are literally the coolest person in the world, but always check your own sheets before going to bed yourself.

- - -

Pretty please tell me the best (unmean) prank you know.  As I am always needing to expand my repertoire.
Happy Thursday, Lovelies!


  1. haha ingenious! I have never heard of this before. lol

  2. ahhaha. too funny! most definitely doing this soon. very soon.

  3. Bahaah! I've been wondering about this! Perfect prank. I'm totally going to have to do this to my husband. He likes the sheets perfect :)

  4. Haha, I would do this to the boyfriend....but we never make our bed anyway!
    He would be too suspicious if the bed was suddenly made!

  5. I LOVED to prank my parents growing up. let's see... soft-bristled hairbrush under the fitted sheet, taping down the sprayer handle on the sink, sewing arm sleeves shut (with basting stitches, of course - nothing too permanent). I've even been known to sew an underwear flap or two closed. Also (and this is a tricky one), turning dresser or kitchen drawers upside down. You've gotta have the right kind of drawer (not too big, not too distinct about orientation in the dresser) and you've gotta be quick (hold your hand over all the contents, flip quickly, slide back into place). Fun times!

  6. Haha, I wondered. Thanks for sharing!

  7. Totally going to do this to one of my siblings in the very near future.


  8. Fasten your seatbelts, gals.

    Bestpranknumberone: Tiptoe out with a couple good friends (or sisters) at about 3am, and put a sign in your grandparents' front yard that reads "Estate Sale 9:00 Today". Make sure your prank-lovin-grandma's wearing pink pajamas and slippers when she answers the door for the early bird that comes at 8. :) {True story.}

    Bestpranknumbertwo: Hack your sister's email account. Write a gushy message about a guy she just started dating and send it to a bunch of her friends (selectively. that's what makes it harmless). Send it out, delete the evidence and then let her be totally bewildered when her girlies start going nuts.
    (things that make it even *better*
    -a totally innocent, *totally incriminating* picture of the happy couple
    -if she's in taiwania, and you can send the email when she goes to bed, but it's lunchtime where all her friends are. this allows for high confusion volume when she wakes up) {Another true story.}

  9. I am so behind on blog posts and have been dying to read this one since we tweeted back and forth about it like a million years ago. I am definitely going to have to try this on someone soon.