Oh Mans and What Ifs

Yesterday was a bit of a hard day on multiple accounts.

1. I tried to finish stripping one of the hardwood floors in our house, but ran out of stripper with just a 6' square area left.

2. I was stranded at home with no car to go buy more.

3. While trying to make pizza for a quick dinner to take to Hubs, as were meeting up at the Bible study we are leading, I realized I had also run out of cheese.

4. Refer to point #2

5. The night before I found out that the most recent midwifery team who turned me down, just accepted someone else despite the same two reasons they gave for turning ME down.

6. I had no dinner.  This is definitely a no bueno.

7. Our bank account was zapped one overdraft charge because of my forgetfulness dangit, leaving $19.82 until Friday.

After we got home, I was walking around the house in a bit of a frustrated, discouraged stupor.  As I walked into our bedroom -- or rather what's left of it in the lath-walls, underlayment floor and piles of broken plaster -- I felt myself take a huge breathe.  Then these two little words, Ohh maaan.  Followed by a deep throaty sigh.

Gosh.  Do you know how much that helps?!  Seriously almost cleansing to the body and soul.
Because honestly.  Sometimes life is overwhelming.  You get stuck in the rut of sleep.work.eat.work.sleep.cook.clean.sleep.work. . ...

And before you know it, hours days weeks month years have passed and I haven't even taken time to really LIVE.

What would happen if I took time each day to ask myself a simple question.  A simple question challenging myself to bring life and joy to the mundane of life.  Would that change my outlook?  My attitude?  My purpose in life?!  My future?  My dreams.

The question being simply this.  What IF.

What if I took a walk through the neighborhood to get out of the house and refresh my senses?

What if I took ten minutes a day to read?

What if I tried new recipes on Pinterest because it makes me feel pleasantly domestic?

What if I went to the store and bought myself some painting supplies 
just because I've been wanting to try?

What if I opened a dang Word document and just started writing down the story 
that's in my mind?  No more excuses.

What if I spent the first 15 minutes with Husband after work
just for kisses and cuddles and simply being together.  No money talk.  House projects. Nothing.

What if I took more time to enjoy the simple things in life?
Would the stressful things pale in comparison?

- - - 
What are your What Ifs?
How would your life change because of them?!

Happy Thursday, Loves.


In other random happy news.
Here's a peek at the gorgeous wood floors we found under the ugly carpet.


  1. Wow! That is a gorgeous floor! Sorry for your stressful day - been there.

  2. How you're not as stressed anymore! :)


  3. oh man, don't get me started on my 'what if's'. really. you don't have enough time. :) those are some gorgeous floors. hardwoods are the best. i will never ever have carpet again.

  4. Those floors are gorgeous!

    Lately my what if's have been:

    What if I spent my energy on loving more deeply?


    What if I always remembered that I can choose, moment by moment how I think about and react to all that life brings (or seems to throw at me)?

    Thanks for reminding me to think about these things more often!


  5. does sound like a rough day, but what a way to reflect about it. I love your what ifs, and especially the one about spending 15 minutes with your spouse without talking about stressful things and just enjoying each other. Not a lot of time, but it would probably make a big difference! thanks for sharing!

  6. Beautiful floors! And adorable couple pictures :-)

  7. Great post! Great questions!!

    What if I played with my little guy with his cars for 20 minutes every day?
    What if I took a walk alone for 30 minutes every day?
    What if I took some time to read every day?
    What if...
    Oh, there is so many if-questions...
    What if I tried to answer one or two a day??

  8. Those wood floors are so nice!

    I hope you've had a better day today!

  9. 1. Those floors are so pretty!
    2. Glad your stressful day is over now!
    3. My what ifs lately in life:
    What if I was more patient?
    What if I spent more snuggly quality time with my special boy?
    What if I tried showing the love of Christ to more people?
    So many "what ifs" to ask... thank you for encouraging me to think about it! :)

  10. kinda looks super awesome!

  11. oooo love those floors! Sorry you had sucha rough day :( My little girl is currently teething so my whole afternoon was spent trying to console a whiney toddler - I just had to keep reminding myself to be thankful for the great morning we had and that we'd get through the tough time. One of the nest ways to help Hayden feel better is by going outside... which also makes me feel better too - o the gift of nature God has given us :)

  12. I love your "what ifs" We all need to be reminded of all that is good in ourlife
    Incidentally, you have done a marvelous job on those floors. Looks like you have a delightful home


  13. I love how you put a positive twist on the things that really could overwhelm you. Some people are only good at telling others to cheer up, but you're also good at telling yourself. I like it.

  14. I always try to avoid "what ifs" it gets me start worrying.

    The floor is nice, I always liked to have a wooden tiled floor. Sorry for the rough day, I know how it feels to want to accomplish something yet you cannot.

  15. wow! that IS a gorgeous wood floor :)
    lovely words today. Very inspiring :)
    oh, and I was looking at that first pic you posted and thinking you two are going to make some beautiful babies :)

    xo, Lulu

  16. Ugh, I hate days like that! Just always keep on keeping on, and things will definitely get better.

    Love your hardwood floors by the way! Gorgeous!

    Liesl xxx

  17. Ugh, that's how this past week felt for me too, you are definitely not alone! I think the list you made is a great one, I need to do so many of those things too! The trick is just finding a way to hold yourself accountable to actually do the things each day :)


  18. I love this :) I think we definitely all go through those times. I'm sorry they turned you down and then took on someone else - that can be such a wildly discouraging feeling! Here's a big ol' cheers to the weekend :) xoxo! eliza

  19. I always think the "IF" questions as well, and the answer always will be the same for me. "JUST DO IT"
    Very nice pictures, I love it.
    KY~JAP fashionista☆

  20. Hello! Does your blog have an RSS feed? I'd like to follow it, but that seems to be only possible through facebook.

  21. three words. you. are. beautiful.