When All Things Includes Bedbugs

There's the verse that we all quote and know --

And we know that God causes all things work together for good to those who love God - Romans 8:28

but sometimes I just don't want to believe it, you know?!  

I'm mad that evil bedbugs jumped our suitcases while we were staying a hotel sometime the last year.
I'm mad that the cost to exterminate would be $1600.
I'm mad because we had to throw out mattress away.  
I'm mad that we've been sleeping on a balloon of air for the last eight weeks.  
I'm mad that trying to treat them ourselves means full-on gutting bedrooms.
I'm mad that we take forever to complete projects.
I'm mad. . . I'm mad. . . I'm  ---

And then I reach a point where all the madness runs out.  God begins to show me little glimpses of His goodness, running through like one little strand of hope through the rubble of stress and chaos.

Like the way He allowed just the perfect exterminator to access the situation and tell us ways we could possibly treat them ourselves and save the $1600 rather than just 'selling' the treatment.

Like the way He allowed us to {we think so far} get rid of the bugs by throwing out the mattress and ripping out the carpet.

Like the way He allowed us to find the most gorgeous hardwood floors under that nasty old carpet.

Like the way He allowed me to marry Husband who has rad construction skillz.

Like the way He allowed my mom to come help with the floor refinishing and how we've gotten closer because of it.

Like the way that He quietly whispers to my soul 
I've got this, Nicole.  Trust Me.

Soo while I'm no saint and will probably use up at least two more boxes of kleenex before the projects get done {God bless Husband with patience} I am doing my best to embrace the journey.  I mean, heck.  How many of you get to camp out in your living room on an air mattress for a couple weeks?   Somebody hollah, sleeeeep over par-taay!!

And PS. Aren't our blanket curtains awesome?  Somebody pin that, yo.

Be blessed today, girls, as HE is somehow working everything for good.


  1. Hang in there! That sounds awful but at least the end is in sight.

  2. I just had my first experience with bed bugs this past weekend! Luckily we caught it before they could hitch a ride on our suitcases though (hopefully). I hope you can get rid of them without spending all that money!

  3. Sounds like quite the experience! Your right about God working in everything. Thanks for the reminder! I needed it :)

  4. oh my goodness, you are a trooper for putting up with all of that craziness!

    on the plus side, your hardwood floors look beautiful!

    keep your chin up!

  5. perspective is a beautiful thing! You are a precious girl, glad you shared today!

  6. Like the way that He quietly whispers to my soul
    I've got this, Nicole. Trust Me.

    Exactly. Exactly.

    Oh, Just Living the Dream

  7. Just wanted to say thanks for the peek inside your life. I read your blog every day and you are such an encouragement. The hardwood is beautiful!

  8. Nicole, first off, I am sooo sorry you got bedbugs! that is no fun AT ALL. They were pretty common in Hawaii and I hear you can get them pretty easily while traveling. I think your camping space looks pretty darn awesome.Second off, your comment on my post the other day was the nicest and heartfelt comment I have ever received! What did I do to deserve this?! You are so sweet and I appreciate your genuine words. Lindsay

  9. oooooooooh bedbugs are the DEVIL! I pray you are really REALLY rid of them once and FOR ALL. and way to choose a thankful heart!

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