Check Ur Goals, Woman!

Ok girls.  Time to huddle up!  Bring it in!  Rally the TROOPS!  This is called Motivation Time.

Can you believe that it's almost June already?!  Ok.  I realize this maybe a slight exaggeration by almost two months, but seriously peoples.  Do you remember way back in the ancient history of your life, aka January, when you made those awesome goals to seriously do something with your life this year?!

+ Eat more veggies.
+ Save more pennies.
+ Spend more time with people you love.
+ Loose more of those love handles.
Now you remember?!

This month is the time to really kick our sweet rears in gear, because literally December is pretty much around the corner and you know that you will be mad at yourself for letting another year slip by.  

To help myself stay on track with doing the awesome stuff on my 101 in 1001 Project, I decided at the beginning of the year to make myself monthly goals lists to accomplish big things in little bite-size-Nicole pieces.  You can read January, February and March here.  I was lame in April.  It's amazing how writing things down, especially in a public place like this, actually truly motivates me to get stuff done.  My biggest accomplishment this year has been picking up books and reading again.  I know this sounds lame, but I sadly had lost the art of always having a good book available to read.  It's amazing that building this habit in my life the last three months has actually stuck for good.  This is serious awesome business, peoples!

So to help keep myself on track this year, here's my goals for the month of May.

+ Plan a 'Welcome Summer Party' for the first of June for my new Arabic friends

+ Eat 3 servings of fruits and veggies 5 days a week

+ Send four handwritten notes to friends

+ Finish saving for an Iphone {whoooot!}

+ Finish polyurethaning our floor

+ Get my brand new website project up and running ;)

+ Organize the death-trap-avalanche-closet in our bathroom

Now shoot me your very own awesome goals for this month!  We can keep each other accountable. . . because friends like that rock!

Happy Thursday, lovelies!

PS.  Chapter Two coming tomorrow!  Also check out today's post sponsor below.



  1. I would like to blog more, save up for my own car and try to eat healthier (that last one is so hard for me... I love carbs way too much).

  2. Love this! I totally agree with the reading thing- I've started setting aside time to read books I want to read, not just what I'm assigned to read for class. I'm glad you're sticking to your goals! :)

  3. - lose 4 pounds
    -read the bible daily
    -eat lots of fruits and veggies
    -eat lots of protein
    -drink lots of water
    -walk 4 days a week

  4. Goals for May...
    Narrow down my university choices for an online Accounting Degree and complete application process.
    Stick to our family budget.
    Begin "10 week Couch to 5K" walking/jogging regimen.
    Plan menus each week.

  5. I picked specific themed goals for each month too :) May is academic writing month for me, and I was doing really well until I got sick! Boo!!!

    Nicole, you might enjoy this guest post I featured on my blog about "Self Inspiration to Motivate Ourselves" a lot of my readers really enjoyed it: