China. Take Six.

I guess Adam and I truly truly love China . . . because last night when we were sharing with a group of volunteers coming to camp for the summer, I cried.  He almost cried.  And for him that's basically the same thing.

Charlie's father had very little money and when he was at a restaurant one day, he decided to trade Charlie's sister for a bowl of rice.  Not long after that, the father was once again in a place where he didn't have the money he needed to pay for something.  As he began to ask if he could trade Charlie for payment, the police were called.  

Charlies' father went to jail.
Charlie was sent the an orphanage.
He said he felt like he went to jail too.

As we shared stories from the summers we have spent in China over the last six years working at a summer camp for orphans, our hearts began stirring again.  We truly believe that God has a plan for us that involves more trips to China.  Maybe even someday moving there for an extended time.

Currently though, we are excited to announce that in about two months, we will be returning to Kunming, China for two weeks of the summer camps!!  We are so so excited out of our minds.

China is where our lives were individually changed by precious orphans.
China is where God changed our hearts and future.
China is where we fell in love.
China is where we love to do ministry.
China is where we hope to live someday.

So it only makes sense to take some time this summer to go back and see where God might be leading us.  But here's the scary part.  Airline tickets are freakishly high this year.  Just travel expenses along will be around $4000.  Despite my doubts and fears of such a big bill, I feel God quietly reminding me.  Nicole, if I want you in China this summer it is not hard for me to provide.

Would you consider joining our team of supporters to help make it possible for us to spend two weeks with some orphans this summer?!  Here's ways to help

Prayer for faith, wisdom and protection
Financial support through tax deductible gifts to help offset travel costs
Watch this video so you can be informed on the needs in China

We truly love China.  We love the people.  We love the children.  We look forward to someday bringing home our own Asian baby into our family.  We love what God is doing in that massive country.

Will you join us in making a difference?!  Please email me if you are interested in supporting in anyway.  I will be happy to email you all the info.  


All the love in the world to you.


  1. what a great post! i, too, went to china to teach english at a sumemr camp a few years back and fell in love with the children. they melted me. what you are doing over there and have done in the past is amazing, and those kiddos need you more than ever. it is a sad place yet the smiles on their faces make it ALL worth it :)

    xo, amanda


  2. This is so great! My spot is not China, but Micronesia, and I know this tug at your heart. I have confirmed with my principal that we can send our math books/teacher's editions/EVERYTHING to a school in need there as we are getting new math books next school year. Even from afar these ministry spots live in our hearts. So happy you are going back for a bit this summer, and I hope you get to go back for a longer time at some point!

  3. Wow, you are beautiful people! I'm excited for you guys! I wish I could do the same and give back. I'm kind of wondering how you get started with these trips, did you work with a charity group? Sorry, I'm really clueless about this.


  4. What sad life changing stories! I think I'd love to hear you and Adam tell about your experiences in person. So happy you get to go back to China this summer.

    Do you have a paypal account or anything set up for donations? Most young folks like me can't donate much, but $10 or $20 here and there can add up fast!

    1. yes! great idea. i will post paypal info this week. until then, my account email is nicole@bringmehope.org


  5. I'm so excited for you! I can't wait to hear all about this journey :)

  6. This honestly made my heart so, so happy! It's so great to hear what you two have been doing and it's absolutely inspiring. Sending some prayers your way! xo

  7. Girl!!! What is your email??? :D

    1. nicole.neesby@gmail.com

      how are you girl?!

  8. What an exciting opportunity for you two! I can't wait to read about your adventures there! China has a special place in my heart too (I did a high school project on the One Child Policy and hope to adopt someday). You are so inspiring and I hope to go on adventure like this someday!

  9. firstly, thanks for visiting thegirlacross the pond. secondly, i love your blog!!! been stumbling around it for a few days now. you must go to new zealand! it is amazing. and my husband and i are going to china for a month in august so any tips you have would be amazing!!!

  10. I'm so excited for you, Nicole! I just emailed you about this.