Dear Mama

Dear Mama.

I am so thankful there is one day in the whole entire wide year that the whole world stops to celebrate our mamas.  And I'm so thankful I got to celebrate you today.

I am thankful that you gave me six brothers and sisters in this life, but I'm really kind of lucky that I got the first two years with just you.

Thank you for carrying me inside you longer than nine months.

Thank you for 'retiring' at the age of 23 so that you could be with me all day, everyday.

Thank you for reading me books.

Thank you for teaching me the colors of that set of toy keys.

Thank you for singing me 101 songs on long road trips.

Thank you for teaching me to read and how to count.

Thank you for teaching me that Chmelar's CAN.

Thank you for stroking my hairs on those bad days when I just needed to cry.

Thank you for teaching me how to clean a house.

Thank you for being the crazy, awesome mom who do dumb, fun stuff.

Thank you for telling me to just boohoo it out when I was sad.

Thank you for believing that someday a man would love me, even when I didn't believe it myself.

Thank you for sometimes just being a kid.

Thank you for letting me have the wedding of my dreams and not pressuring me with anything.

Thank you for crying at our wedding, even though you promised not to.

Thank you for teaching me how to love my husband.

And most of all
Thank you for never leaving us for always staying our mama.

I know we've had some hard years behind us, but I promise to always love you and to keep working on our relationship.  The best is yet to come.

I love you forever and for always
as long as I'm living, my mama you'll be.

your first redheaded baby


  1. This is too sweet - I love that children's book :) Love the pics of you and your fam, your Mom is so pretty!


  2. You're mama's so cute! Happy Mother's day to her, she deserves it with 7 kids, my goodness!!

  3. This is such a sweet post and the photos of your family are wonderful, you all look like a lot of fun! <3

  4. So heartfelt and sweet. Moms are just the best, aren't they?

  5. That is melt-your-heart sweet.
    You are so sincere and I can tell you truly love your family, you are going to make an AMAZING mom!

  6. Such a cute post! Happy Mother's Day to you too! You're a woman, and women are amazing. Plus, you're going to be an awesome mom someday... maybe you already have been to some little kids in China.