Not Fair??

Sometimes my life doesn't feel fair.

It's not fair that I haven't slept in my bedroom for three months because of redo projects

It's not fair that we leave for work at 5:50am and get home around 6:00pm.

It's no fair that just when we find a car to buy, the owner can't find the title so we keep on waiting.

It's no fair that my computer is broken again because the battery won't charge.

It's no fair that our life seems like one fire-fighting-escapade after another.

Then I feel really humbled when I realize how UNfair my life really is.

It's not fair that I get to eat three meals a day.

It's not fair that we have a big house rather than a tiny apartment.

It's not fair that I have a husband who works so hard for us so I only have to work parttime hours.

It's not fair that we have an amazing furnace for the winter and air conditioner for the summer.

It's not fair that I live in a country where there are library's with free computer use.

It's not fair that I have a job that helps to pay our bills.

It's not fair that I don't have to walk miles for a drink of water.

It's not fair that I'm 25 and married to my best friend in the world.

Because when it really comes down to it
it's not fair that Husband and I are in the top 3.63% richest people in the world.

Happy thankful Wednesday, lovelies


  1. wow.. what a GREAT reminder to be thankful!! :)


  2. This is a great post! When I get down because of a negative event or situation, I try to think like this. Helps every time!

  3. I have to remind myself all.the.time. just how fortunate I am in life. It is so easy to forget just how bad some people have it. when we are surrounded by cultures that tell us how much more we need and all the things we should want for a life we deserve.... crikey...can of worms much!ha! great post! xxx :) :)

  4. Perspective, perspective! <3 Beautifully put!
    Alesha <3

  5. what a wonderful sentiment. i really appreciated this today. sometimes the littlest things seem to frustrate me and this helped put those minor scrapes into perspective. merci.

    xo, amanda

  6. So true. Feeling pretty humbled and blessed right now. Thank you!

  7. Thank you, I completely agree with you, we are all so blessed.

  8. Ouch. Thank you for this! It was much needed. I threw a small hissy fit yesterday over a $127 bottle of prescription eye drops to clear up an infection. It's not fair that I have the money in my bank account to pay for it, I have health insurance, and I live where antibiotics are readily available.