For some crazy reason I still feel like it's Saturday, but my clock tells me it's 12:48am -- Happy Mother's Day all you mamas!! 

For some other crazy reason, though my body is screaming from tiredness, my mind feels wide awake and my heart is overflowing.

Last Monday, I started driving a bus route morning and afternoons, five days a week.  Goodbye beautiful Day Off.  

*insert a moment of silence

Somehow this makes me crave long, lonely weekends that involves locking ourselves in the house, movies and lots of awesome breakfast food.  When I realized our weekend schedule was some kinda motherloada jammed packed, it was all I could do muster my chin-up-ness and tramp on ahead.  

But can I just say that I am literally overwhelmed and blessed tonight?!  I don't even really know how to explain it, but despite our Saturday of rushing hither and thither, I just feel so happy.

The morning was a fury of rushing around preparing the last details for the bridal shower this afternoon for my cousin's fiance.  If you had been at our house this morning, you would have seen a whirlwind of tissue puff balls,  vintage map pinwheels and hot glue.

The afternoon was full of a mini fruit pizza bar, baby cousins and laughter.   

The early evening was our date night where we ate burritos and quesadillas and then wandered around Best Buy playing games on the Kickstart Xbox and picking out our favorite big TV's.  

The later evening was an Anne of Avonlea play with the perfect Anne and Rachel Lynde.  

The night was a perfect bonfire with more cousins and stories and laughter.

Now I'm lying next to Husband, listening to his even breathing.  Feeling his arm around my shoulders.  And my heart is truly overflowing with gratefulness tonight.

Don't forget to hug your mamas tomorrow today.

Here's the only photos I got of the bridal shower decorations.  Boo.
And yes.  I'm always this organized and on top of things.  I offer classes if anyone is interested. . .


  1. You are blessed lady! Love that you got to see an Anne of Avonlea play! I love the Anne series! Glad to hear all is well, miss ya!

  2. Sign me up for classes! Are you services up for hire? Would you be interested in planning all my parties for the next 30 years?