Are you ever afraid you will forget the most precious moments in your life?!

Of course you will remember your wedding day
your first baby's birth
that big job you landed or
signing the papers on your first house

But what about the most precious little moments?!

The little fire for roasting marshmallows on the concrete in the backyard

the early morning sunrise while driving to work

the feeling of Husband kissing my neck

teaching him to make spaghetti

six weeks of 'camping' on the floor in our living room

the piles of laundry forgotten on the floor because we are spending time together instead.

Will I forget these little snippets of time when life is truly at it's best?!

Blogging has become my own little place to record these very things . . . 
so when I'm old I won't forget sweet things Husband does like this or this
or a little date night like this.
I also want to remember the things God shows me like this.

Sometimes I get caught up in the silly bloggy-mind-games. . . 
like who un-followed me today
why yesterday's post had so little response
or why I can't be a one hit wonder 
{but seriously, what is it about the clothes you put on every morning or the food you ate for lunch that makes every dadblameperson and their grandma follow your blog?!  never mind. . . }

But then I remind myself that those things are really not what's it's about.  At least not for me.

I will choose to embrace the little moments in my life and allow this blog to be truly honestly just for that. . . and whatever happens beyond that it just an extra bonus.

The little moments I want to remember right now
from our little walk around our tiny little town last night . . . 
I want to remember our yummy peanut parfait with two cherries and plastic spoons.
I want to remember the shivers from the cold breezes blowing.
I want to remember how the sky looked like perfect, blue cotton candy.
And most of all I want to remember how Husband and I argued over his smile in that last picture.
He said it was cheesy.  But I'm convinced it's the darnedest sexy-cute smile I've ever seen.

Happy beautiful lovely long weekend, lovelies!


  1. haha, i think you win the smile argument

  2. This is so sweet, and that ice cream looks divine, exactly what a good ice cream sundae should look like!


  3. Ah, y'all are the cutest. :)


  4. I love reading your posts! Love the reminders you give me! Have a fantastic long weekend!

  5. This is beautiful! =)
    I hope to remember all the little moments as well =) =)
    Much Love,


  6. Yes, blogging is an excellent way to remember and reminisce! That's why I keep one. And it's those little wonderful things you write about that help keep me inspired too... except you're much more honest.

  7. I love this! These are the little moments that make you YOU and make your life YOURS. This was a great reminder.

  8. You're right, these things are the best to remember. I might have to write one of these... <3

  9. I think that some people follow other people's blogs...not because they truly enjoy them and want to follow them...but because they want to be liked by that "popular" blogger. Seriously. Why do some people's blogs just literally explode? Because they're "popular". Just keep doin' your THANG, girl. Anyways, honey, you're almost to 500. Wow-zers!!!

  10. So true!! Absolutely love this. It really is the little things that we will look back on and want to remember!


  11. Love this post!
    Your posts always make me a little happier. :)

  12. those blogs are kind of band-wagon blogs, you know? I don't think they last forever. I'm guessing that the ones that build slowly and more authentically are the better bet. but what do I know? I'm certainly no professional =) not saying I wouldn't mind having a go at a band-wagon blog, lol. anyway, I always like your posts, so...

  13. When you start blogging for yourself, and NO ONE else, that is when you find joy in it.

    You have a wonderful blog and a sweet spirit.