'Welcome Summer' Picnic

Have you ever started a friendship with someone with heart to reach bless them and then discovered you receive the biggest blessing yourself?!

This is the story with my Iraqi friend, Sheima.  

We meet through my bus driving job several months ago, but as Sheima opened her heart and home to me, we became fast friends.  My heart hurts as my eyes have been opened to the terrible thing the American media has done.  It has slowly prejudiced our minds to a truly beautiful culture that they can be.  It has created their hijabs and distinctively Mediterranean faces to be synonymous with 9-11.  It has tainted our view so we are afraid to build relationships with them.  It has convinced us that they are the ultimate evil in the world.

I thank God that He has used my friendship with Sheima to open my eyes to truth.

Truth that Muslims love their beautiful families just like we do.
Truth that they desire a relationship with God just like we do.
Truth that the large majority of them hate the terrorists acts just like we do.

And most of all, truth that they need Jesus in their lives, just like WE do.

And the fact that they barbeque kick-butt chicken and make adorable babies sure doesn't hurt them either!

This was our first summer picnic to celebrate friendship and truth.

Happy Tuesday de la Short Week, lovelies!

- - - 

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  1. How awesome! From the decor, treats, and beautiful faces, this looks so lovely.

  2. adorable picnic! you're so creative.

  3. Love the decor! So lovely :) Looks like you and your family had a great time :)


  4. Lovely, and not just the picnic. I spent almost five years int he Middle East and became great friends with many Muslims and I agree they are kind hearted, family orientated, great people

  5. this is.. ALL-AROUND... BEAUTIFUL!!!!


  6. It looks like such a great place!!!


  7. That looks adorable and delicious! Great setup!

    I couldn't agree more on Muslims. I took a basic religion class this past year and learned a lot about Islam and everything. Most of it was pretty fascinating and they do get a really unfairly bad rep through the media.

  8. Ah, you have no idea how passionate I feel about this topic. My first degree was in international studies with an emphasis on middle eastern diplomacy. Being a huge Christian, during this time I completely fell in love with the middle east, its people, the culture, Islam. I will always be a Christian, but I have a huge respect for these people and recognize how many positive parts there are to Islam rather than just all the negatives the media and evangelical churches tend to focus on.

    {there, rant is over :)} Looks like it was a lovely day!


  9. So wonderful! I met several Muslims while in China, and recently met a Palestinian family who have experienced a lot of negative treatment and are basically ignored by most people. My friends have visited them several times and they even visited our church. I have really enjoyed getting to know them, and I hope we can show them that not all Americans are prejudiced against them.

  10. Wow, thank you so much for sharing this! I'm so glad to read of your beautiful friendship with someone from Central Asia. My husband and I were privileged to visit Iraq for 2 months, and we were SO blessed by the hospitality, love, and friendship that we encountered with the people there. This is awesome!

  11. What a fun summer picnic. You guys are so full of love!

  12. This is so beautiful. All true...
    And now I want to have such a lovely picnic!! :)