Colossal Is My New Favorite Word

I was typing an email to my China summer camp staff a couple days ago.
I was just minding my own business, typing away the boring info about all the conference calls we have coming up in the next two weeks before everyone leaves for Asia.
And then what the heck happens?!  The most amazing word just popped across the keys and I was like.


Whaaat??!  Can there be a better word than colossal ?!?!
I can't believe I am cool enough to be putting words like this in my daily emails.  Believe it, woman.
Here's what I found when I googled for a definition

I know this probably means nothing to you.  You probably have all been using this word since you were like 2 and are now onto bigger, more better syllable-ed words.  But what can I say?!  I will celebrate this small victory.

Do you know how many amazing ways this word can be used?!

colossalable . . . .

I now present to you the most Colossal Things in My Life right now
- - - 

The way my family loves Husband is colossal
They adore him almost as much as I do.

My daddy has colossal abilities to pop his hip
Oh yeeaah!

Our picnic along the roadtrip was pretty colossal
As was the ability to snarf down a whole pack of oreos in 2.453 seconds 

It's takes colossal family awesomeness to take over an entire pool area

I bet my mirror-face is more colossal than yours
I dare you to try 

Do you see the colossal beauty my sisters hold?
I will beat in the faces of any dude who would ever thinks
 about thinking about hurting them.

{also a colossal hair flip, seester} 

Playing violin with my awesome seester is colossal-est
She has mad skills that I try to keep up with

My love for this boy is colossal
More colossal than anything else on this earth
Amen and amen

We are colossally excited about our China trip this summer.
Only $3940 left to raise in the next three weeks.

Online fundraising for A Neesby China Trip

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  1. Love this post! I love how many siblings you have, must have been so much fun growing up in such a full and loving home :)