Nixing Busy

I am kind of embarrassed to say then whenever I am having a conversation with a friend
and they ask that common question  'So how are you guys doing?!'
My brilliant mind sputters and finally spits out
'We are goood. . . just really buuuuuusy'

I have been asking myself lately, why does my life have to be defined by busyness. . .
by all the things that tie up our schedule. . .
by our constant running here and there. . .

It's already June 6 and my mind starts freaking out because life just keeps flying by.
I would hate to get to my 80's and look back and only be able to remember my frantic scurrying around.

My goal for June is this.  I will not give my classic answer when people ask how we are doing.
Instead how about trying this --

'We are having an awesome journey of fixing up our house.  Gosh, drywall and mudding can be tough!'


'We had an awesome time celebrating our anniversary in Chicago.  How has a year flown by already?'


'We are really enjoying the start of a youth group we are leading.  It's cool building relationships with teenagers.'

Life is too short to get lost in my calendar and schedules.  So today I am embracing the beauty of the moment by spending the afternoon with my sisters.  I will go with my armful of fabric I've been wanting to sew into things.  I will try and convince us to make chocolate chip cookies.  And most of all, I will choose to look at every small moment of beauty and nix the pressure of busyness.

How are you embracing your beautiful moments today?!



  1. Sometimes we get caught up with all the busy things in life and forget to really ENJOY the moment.

    I'm going to take time out of my busy work day and enjoy the neighborhood end of school icecream social later this afternoon. :)

  2. Oh....I love this post. Definitely made me start thinking about some things. Thanks for sharing!

  3. ah totally guilty of the busy response as well! time to start sharing our unique journey with the ones we love. life. living it. summer 2012

  4. Great reminder to slow down and enjoy the beauty around us! And your Chicago pics are adorable. Congrats!

  5. Um. Have I mentioned I love your blog? I've only been reading it for a week and already feel encouraged by the posts I have read so far...thank you! I think this will be my goal for June too because I definitely say it way too much!

  6. i think that is a great way of thinking! why must we be busy and why do we answer that question so quickly with busy? and why am i afraid if i don't tell my friends i have been busy when in fact i have been relaxed and not so busy do i feel like a loser or an outcast?

  7. I love this! I am always getting caught up in how busy I am, and that is usually what I tell people..I like your idea of saying what you're busy with instead! Hope you had fun with your sisters today!

  8. Your wood floors are GORGEOUS!! My jaw is on the floor!

  9. Nix the pressure, Baby! Those fabrics are divine. Also? I have never had real Chicago-style pizza (yes, I'm mixing posts) and I only live 2 hours from Chicago. A travesty!

  10. This is a great idea. I think sometimes people don't want to go off on what exactly they're busy with because they think the person asking doesn't really care. But I say, hey, if they're asking, they've got to care! and explaining it is definitely more interesting. Thanks for the tip ;)