this little faith

Sometimes I feel that even after so many years
my faith is still so little.

It feels so tiny it barely fills a corner of my heart
yet the problems fills up every part of me.

One July 13, Husband and should be boarding a plane for China.

We get so excited when we talk about dear friends we love there.

I cry when I think of my little Jamie who lives in a big school without parents.  And remember when she asked me so intensely last fall, When will you be back?!

I also can't lie and say we aren't excited to fill our bellies with our favorite chinese foods like jiaozi and tudo nuro gaifan.

There are so many hopes and dreams for our future with the people of China.  Spending two weeks in Kunming this year is such a good step towards that.

We have been so blessed by many friends generously supporting this mission.
But with the tickets are still so high and a large amount of money still needed
I feel my heart falter.

It's a funny thing though.
Knowing and seeing how God has provided in the past.
Yet looking forward to the future and feeling my own human heart doubt.

Can He provide $3000 in two weeks?

Can He really make this dream a reality?

Can I allow Him to fill my heart with faith?

How do we know when God is closing a door?

So we continue to wait.
Trusting God that He truly does work all things for good.
And asking Him to cause my tiny mustard-seed faith to be enough.

If you are interested in supporting our trip, you can donate online here or feel free to email me for more details