Is that how it feels?!

You know how people talk about having those nightmares where you wake up and you are actually crying?  I never could understand that until this morning.

I had made Husband some eggs for breakfast and dropped back into bed.

Suddenly I'm dreaming that someone in life who loves me to most is very angry at me.
Then someone else tries to help me, only to turn their back on me later.
Everyone I love in life is surrounding me.  And then after angry words,
they begin to walk away.

All I remember is sobbing and crying and begging someone to understand.

When I woke up, I was curled in a ball and then the tears.
Real ones.

I couldn't stop crying.  That feeling of being abandoned was so real.  I just cried and cried.

As I calmed down and cuddled back under the covers
my mind went to my little friends in China.
Those precious babies who have been abandoned.

Is that how they feel?
Do they cry alone
begging in their hearts for someone to be in their corner?
To stand up for them?

To just BE with them and not walk away?

The only question for me is this.

What will I do to be there for that one??