Finding Sunshine

Has it really taken me 25 years to understand that life is messy?!
It's hard and complex.
It calls for more patience and grace than I thought I possessed.
It has stretched me until I think I will split in a million shards of nothingness.

It is also more beautiful
more thrilling 
more surprising 
and more full of love than I could have ever imagined.

This past week, between the end of nannying and the start of the school year, I had one whole week to just be home.  Glorious business, I tell ya.  And it doesn't hurt that Husband praises me when I've slept in or when I haven't completed the 2938234 things I should have done that day.  He just nice like that.  

During my days at home, God has shown me in little ways the sunshine that always surrounds, no matter how messy or complicated the rest of life may be.

So while our bedroom is going on Month Number 7 of being torn up, our car still rattle-traps down the road and the brown walls and blanket-curtains are about to close in on me, 
here is my bits of sunshine for the day.

My mama spent yesterday painting our bathroom with me.  This IS the definition of Sunshine, peoples. If I could live the rest of my days at home in this spot, I would.  But of course that borderlines on Pure-Grossness, so I abstain.

Sunshine is homemade bread that didn't die and morph into a solid brick in the oven.
It is also thanking God for my hardworking Husband who never barely ever complains,
surprise packages of love from sister-in-law, and
it is finding new blogs like this one that inspire and challenge and maybe just make me cry.  {Read this whole section on their adoption.  Keep your tissues close.}

Life is really so beautiful.  And way too short to waste in tears over what house projects aren't done or the fact that my fridge hasn't been cleaned in 2.3948 years.

Now, will someone please remind me of this when I'm crying tomorrow because we just spent Night Number 47 in our living room.  Thank you very kindly.

- - -
Happy Wednesday, lovelies.


  1. Great post! Sometimes it's so important to remind ourselves of the good bits in our day, because it's all that keeps us going. Praying for you guys!

  2. wow, I know you don't really know and I only found your blog a couple a months ago..but you have touched my heart more than once with your post. You did it again today with this one. Thanks so much for the reminder that we need to look for our "sunshine" even in through the rain! You made me cry but they were happy tears! So thanks! :)

  3. That bathroom is beautiful. It just makes me happy.

  4. Your posts are always so heartfelt!

  5. LOVE the bathroom - how perfect. It's the lil things that can improve ones outlook