Oh, Summer.

Can I just say I miss blogging?!
I really truly do.

I miss writing about our everyday life.
I miss connecting with all you awesome friendlies.
I miss indulging in a creative outlet.

In someways, this blogging sabbatical has been good for my soul.
But the truth of it is, in so many ways I could only focus on one thing this summer.


 {the Barely-Bump from July}

Between nannying for my 2 & 5 year old cousins 45 hours a week to fighting through all-day nausea to the ever long list of house projects we continue to chip away at, I felt like my body and brain could accomplish nothing else.  Everyday was a battle to just make it to bedtime.  There is part of me that is really sad I didn't take advantage of Husband's and my last summer just the two of us.  It's like I lived this little gem from Pinterest. . .

I hate to admit it, but I'm ready for fall.  I'm ready to put this summer behind me.  I'm ready to press forward and make this fall the very best that Husband and I have ever had.  I am ready to fill the blogging world with wordy words again.  I'm ready to move beyond survival.  I'm ready to really start living again.

Thank you, Mr Summer, for giving us our tiny little baby.
We really are excited about that.
But now you can kindly take this little peck on your check goodbye and head on out the door!


  1. Hahaha! I love that! I also did not do anything amazing this summer but I'm sure it will be okay since I'm more of a cold weather person ;)


  2. Oh, I remember being nauseous all day long during my pregnancy three years ago! It was awful!! It stopped, when I was four months pregnant and then, next months were great. I was feeling great and full of energy.

    I wish you a wonderful fall and the best winter ever!! Well, I don't doubt about that. :)

    Take care.

  3. i totally know what you mean...for the first 20 weeks i could barely get out of bed i was so sick!

  4. I'm equally pumped for fall! I'm excited to be prego without being sick, to look prego, and to eat a lot of apple pie. Yum. And not be hot, nicely cool. Oh my, I can go on :)

  5. nausea kicked my booty for sure. i totally understand!

  6. ooh yes! I was in survival mode from the time i was 5 weeks pregnant until about 10 weeks. All I did was go to work, come home,nap, throw something together for dinner as quick as i could, lay on the couch, go to bed. once in a while i would throw in necessities for laundry.. but seriously. thats it. i hardly answered my phone, i wanted to see nobody. i just needed to make it through these awful days of all day sickness. i made it, even though i swore to my husband i wasn't going to make it! LOL :) Second trimester has been wonderful to me though! ( I still get really really tired quickly, but i rest and then i can go again! :)