Fears and Dreams

Sometimes I am a little bit scared to become a mom.  Don't hate me. . . this is just honest.

I'm a little bit scared of being exhausted all the time -- and never sleeping in on Saturdays.
I'm a little bit scared of watching my body get all saggy and stretched out in unsightly places.
I'm a little bit scared of loosing so much alone time with Husband.

I'm also a little bit scared to love our little tiny people so much.
I'm a little bit scared to let them grow and learn and make mistakes.
I'm a little bit scared to raise a little person and then let them go into the world.

But mostly I dream of moments.  
Moments when everything is right in the world because lying between us
is a tiny little person that we made.

I dream of holding my little squishy, diapered-but-naked-baby, 
and kissing their teeny little mouths and plumpy cheeks

I dream of massive cuddle seshs on the couch because we just love that
and wild, wet camping trips 
and first airplane rides when they realize what's actually happening.

I dream of living out the rest of my life with my best friend 
and our tiny little people that look just like us.
Thanking God everyday for such an incredible gift.


  1. I think almost everyone is at least a little scared. I know I was :) Those cuddle sessions on the couch are the best. So excited for you!

  2. You will have all of those fears and all of those dreams come true. And that's the great part about it. Because with out the sleepless nights the magic moments don't mean as much. And personally, my relationship with my husband has gotten WAY better since having our daughter 9 months ago. Granted, we probably had some of the ugliest tired/prego-woman tantrum fights, but again, so worth it because every moment together now means that much more :)

  3. You'll still get to sleep in on Saturday's (eventually...), only it'll happen much less frequently. So you learn to appreciate it even more (if possible). And yeah...the whole 'body-changing' thing can be rough. A total miracle, but still -- difficult.

    You are going to be an AMAZING mom. You know where The Source is!

    And getting to observe (and help develop) a budding personality, watching your man turn into a Daddy, feeling little arms about your neck and slobbery kisses on your cheek... talk about priceless moments.

  4. If you weren't scared, you wouldn't be taking this mommy thing seriously enough. :) I can't wait to see a picture of YOU and your baby like this!

    Today I feel exhausted and overwhelmed. My house is a mess and there's a million things that need to be done. But while I was holding my baby in my arms walking around the kitchen getting lunch on the table, he smiled at me. REALLY SMILED! And kept on smiling. I stopped to enjoy the moment and realized that nothing else really matters. My littles matter most, and they know just how to lift my spirits. They are amazing.

  5. I'm scared. Scared to get to know this new "me", the mom-me. I don't have any idea what she's like. What if I don't like her, this new me? But those worries, they're the result of thinking too much and trusting too little. Like you, I love the thought of me & my Handsome man, and the little ones that look sorta like us.

  6. There are always those fears. Especially during the times when "reality hits." (I'm starting to have them thinking about whenever our next little one comes along). But despite being scared/nervous/excited, that little baby comes and it all seems to fit right into your life like it was always there. The rough stuff is rough, but that baby's face will make it all worth it. You are going to be an INCREDIBLE mom. And you just wait for the love you feel for your husband when you watch him love that baby! Oh boy. You are in for a treat.

  7. it's dreamy. you have big big fun ahead of you. oh and stress. my goodness, that first fever...but just learn to give them to the Lord because He loves them more than we can fathom!