This is the way we travel to Hong Kong

We survived 15 hours of flying around the world {over the North Pole, no less!}
Yay for us!  
God was super nice to me in current pregnant state because the airplane was 
far less than half full.  This means full rows for sleeping across
and a stockpile of the tiny, complimentary pillows under my head.
Baby also kicked like a crazy asian ninja the whole entire flight.  He/she loves traveling already.

We are currently cozy in our tiny little 150 square foot hotel room.
The bars on the windows and the two little lovebird stickers over the headboard 
really pull it all together.
{I love Asia}
Next is our short two hour flight into China
and then it's crazy-happy time with our friends as we help them move this weekend.
More on that later.

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And heck, if you don't have Instagram
tell your Husband you neeeeed to go purchase a smartphone specifically for
this purpose.  I mean, your life and happiness cannot afford to miss 
this kind of awesomeness.

Happy Morning.  Night.  Day.  Whatever you are.  Wherever you are.

Husband's 'I'm-Happy-I'm-Going-To-China' face  //  Feed me Haagen Dazs and I will be your customer for life, Oh Honored Cathay Pacific //  Trains in Hong Kong  //  Busy at night //  Our 1:22am bedtime snack  //  How could you choose plain chicken over the salted?!  //  Hong Kong at midnight


  1. YAY!!! Glad your travelling went well =) Awesome! Can't wait to hear your updates, haha I told the hubby your reason for needing an iphone. Sadly he didnt buy into the idea =S Oh well! LOL
    Much Love!

  2. Hello

    That is a long flight and glad you were able to stretch out, having just returned from Ireland where I felt my flight was long at 7 hrs. Looking forward to your future posts on China

    Have a wonderful weekend

    Helen xx

  3. Nicole that's awesome you guys are in China! What an adventure! And that tiny, growing baby bump is adorable!! I looked back at your posts and so I'm definitely late on this...but congrats on the little one on the way! Your posts about your sweet husband talking to your baby, and your excitement and fears about being a mom (totally legitimate and I honestly experienced some of them again when I was pregnant with #2) are beautiful! You are going to be an incredible mom. :) Are you going to find out the sex?

    Happy & safe travels!!


    PS - did they give you the Haagen Dazs on the plane?? right on :)

  4. Glad you guys made it and are living it up in Hong Kong! And... Yay for bebe's first travel experience! He's already clocking the miles :)


  5. Have fun!! Glad you had safe travels on the planes, trains, and automobiles ;)

    P.S. I can't say that chicken looks at all appetizing... but the Haagen Dazs I could get on board with!

  6. Pregnant travel overseas! We did that last March to Italy. It's some work! You look great, glad to find your cute blog.