LaterCam & Thoughts on Rediscovery

How is November almost here and we haven't even been to a pumpkin patch yet?!  Waaaaaaa-aaahhh!!!!
*picking myself off the floor and dusting my little tantrum-throwing-self off

Also, how were these photos just pulled from my camera today?  We'll just call it an episode of LaterCam and pat ourselves on the back to make it better.  
- - - 

breakfast at the bluebird cafe with Husband's parents last week // 

some forgotten gems from a visit to our favorite kids at a school on the edge off the city // 

Do you ever feel like you are constantly rediscovering yourself?!  Maybe that's just me.  

It seems that just when I have things figured out.  Just when I have my dreams mapped out and my vision for the future locked in my sights, life has a funny way of switching everything up on me and it's suddenly not so clear and easy.

I feel like my blog has been this way.  My dreams of business ventures.  Our ministry dreams.  Our family's future.  So many areas of my life.

Maybe it's really more about humility and learning to submit myself to God's bigger plan in my life.  Trusting that as I put one foot in front of the other each day, He is perfectly working out a greater good.  Something more glorious and better than I could imagine for myself.

And I guess that's the happiest place to really be, right?!
- - - 

In other random news, here's a flattering bathroom mirror shot of the little 23.5 week bump that went to church with us yesterday.  Such a good little child.

I also didn't realize that pregnancy can actually caused really painful muscle spasms at particularly hilarious clips of Modern Family.  And yesterday's date night involved me taking Husband into Motherhood to show him the traumatizingly large amount of balloon-bags I can look forward to wearing the next few months.  #lordhavemercy

So just in case you were wondering, we are having lots of fun with this whole Babes-in-the-Belly thing.  You really outta try it sometime. . . :)

Happy Monday, Lovelies!


  1. your cute bump is awesome!! congrats on your baby by the way and also my husband and i haven't been to a pumpkin patch yet either, in fact i had a mini pumpkin and a medium sized fake pumpkin that is the extent of my fall decorations right now

  2. There a great general that said once the battle started, a plan was no good. I guess that's sorta like life. I am always re-evaluating and trying again. Kids have taught me to just roll with the punches.

    Your little belly is sooo cute! Isn't it so much fun being pregnant? Will you be revealing baby's gender or is that a surprise? Wish we got to see more of you on here.

  3. Great photos! Congrats on your belly bump : )

  4. I LOVE your hair! Pregnancy suits you in every way, by the way :-)

  5. Such a good little child and such a beautiful mama-to-be!!

    p.s.: Do I ever feel like I am constantly rediscovering yourself? Constantly.

  6. Thanks for your comment hun! I am originally from Minneapolis, attended ISU, and travel to Iowa monthly :). Great blog! Look forward to following!

  7. Hi, were you in Nashville? That's where my daughter lives, maybe we can meet there sometime. I would love to meet you and the hubby and soon to be bump!
    lisamcgriff (at) hotmail (dot) com

  8. I bet your husband loved the trip to Motherhood! :) Great pictures!

  9. A Blogger's Prayer :)


  10. over our eight and a half years and 2 kids so far, one of the biggest things that has stood out is that God's timing is almost always a LOT slower than ours =) somehow time goes really fast and the ideas we had 7.5 years ago are still ideas that we are working on today, but they are just much more refined and matured. and they have come together so much more in such a fun and interesting way than the small seeds of ideas that they started out as. there is little that is more cool than being able to look back and see how God was building the little pieces of your life and preparing you through all those crazy-weird-annoying things that felt more like obstacles than anything else at the time for something super-awesome.

    so yes, definitely be open to all of your initial ideas and dreams changing, but who knows, maybe they will just grow and refine and become much bigger and cooler than you initially imagined. I do find that's the kind of God we serve =)

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