Mornin' Sunshine {A Brunch Party}

Planning parties is my new Happy Spot. . .
Maybe it's because I can get all my favorite people together to do one of my favorite things like eating, duh or maybe it's because it's one way I can justify all the time I spend meticulously pinning all my other favorite things like babies and fashion and decorating 

Take for example Saturday morning.
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My not so little sisters and their cross country girls came to our house for a brunch party.  It was a celebration of little donuts, bacon and all things fruity.  

Here's five easy steps for creating your very own 'Mornin' Sunshine' party.

1. Reuse the DIY Cotton Streamer Garland from a party earlier in the year

2. Draw some happiness on anything chalkboard {because chalkboard = happiness}

3. Make your job easy with frozen juice concentrate.  The 100% kind of course

4. Load up your favorite mini donuts in a unique serving dish.  Like a tall vase for example.

5. Grab some simple brunch recipes off Pinterest like this this and this that can be whipped up in less than an hour if you happen to wake up late before the party :: cough, cough::

What is your best party inspiration from Pinterest?!  I'm needing another one to plan. . .

PS. Thanks for the awesome fall recipes on the last post!  I can't wait to try them out!!

Happy Monday Morning, lovelies!


  1. Hi Nicole, this is Erika from Ukraine. Just wanted to let you know how MUCH I love your blog, your posts, your pictures and the way you have inspired me. I am really grateful for this. :) I have literally been spending my last three days reading your amazing posts. You are a wonderful person and I am so glad I found your blog! Xoxoxo


  2. Such a lovely gathering! I love the idea of putting the mini doughnuts in a vase! Cute!

  3. This looks great! I'm totally craving mini doughnuts now :P

  4. Whoa...you are such an awesome party person, Nicole! :) Everything looks so cute & like it literally fell out of a computer screen opened to a cute Pinterest board. I LOVE Pinterest but have nary the motivation to create anything I pin on there. So kudos to you for doing it ~again~! :)

  5. This sounds fun!
    I think I need a new board on Pinterest...
    (For now I have no answer to your question.:/)