Since You've Been Asking. . .

Most common question around these parts lately goes something like this.
"Soooo. . . do you know what you're having?!"
To which I want to answer
"Let's hope it's not a pet giraffe!"

Seriously though.  
It's a boy baby or a girl baby I'm pretty sure. . .

So to help clear things up, I'm dedicating this whole entire to post to answering some of the most popular baby questions buzzing around.  Feel free to ask you own in the comments section if you can't find yours here.  

What are you having?  {Didn't we go over this already?!}  

Contrary to some people's opinion we really don't know.  I'm kind of excited for that moment when we see our little buddy's tiny scrunched-up face for the first time, then those three little words "It's a __ !!"
Stay tuned and we'll let you know when we do.

So like, how do you shop for clothes and stuff?!

We are already excited about more little people joining our family, so the plan is for a lot of big items to be purchased in neutral colors.  Things like clothes can be easily purchased after Baby is born or else tiny white sleepers and soft swaddle blankets work great too.  Then my sisters have already bought a sparkly, peach tutu and some little dude's tiny beach sandals so those bases are covered.

When are you due?
If I have a baby by March 1, I will be a happy camper. . . but if you must know, the official estimated-date-of-arrival is February 20.

Have you already decided on names?
Surprisingly, we have our next half dozen children already named. Give or take a few.  Go figure that we could actually agree on this massive task so easily.  It's like some kind of Christmas miracle or something.  And no, those aren't coming out until after Baby does.  You can rest assured that our boy's name choice has a super masculine meaning.  Something about a "champion-javelin-thrower" or massive-meat-eater" or something like that.  And the two girls' choices have an adorable list of nicknames, because Husband just gets sappy like that.

Is the nursery already started?
Do I look really look that organized?!  Seriously though.  All my current nesting energies are being poured into the other rooms of the house in preparation for my new job as full-time Household Engineer.  Baby will be sleeping in the little walk-in closet off our bedroom and I have lots of ideas to make the space into a perfect baby nook.  You can check out some of my inspirations for all things Littles here

Where is Baby going to be born?
Call me crazy, but I am super excited that we have the chance to welcome Baby into our family right in our own cozy home.  I'm hoping for a water birth and then plan to scoop up my very own Little person and crawl straight into my own bed with Husband.  

We also could have entitled this post
"How Nicole Squishes A Belly Into Non-Maternity Clothes"

Anyone wanna take bets on how much longer this will last?!

Happy Monday, lovelies!


  1. I love your blog so much. I look forward to reading all about your adventures. Your baby and I may have the same birthday if everything goes according to plan. Good luck! (:


  2. yay babies!!! so excited for you - i just got a bump this past week - like a noticeable one. I'm so excited :)

  3. You are even more beautiful pregnant! :)

  4. You look gorgeous! Can't wait for your baby's arrival :) My parent's waited until birth to find out the gender of all my siblings and I. It's definetly work it!

  5. Yay for the homebirth plans! So proud of you! If you should wish for a doula let me know. :) (your mom may even vouch for my services, lol)

  6. You look great in regular clothes--thank goodness tent dresses are no longer in vogue for pregnant ladies! (Then you might get asked, "Do you know how MANY you're having?!") I think this baby of the mystery gender and name will be very lucky to have you two as parents. And seriously, don't buy many clothes because the second this child is born you know your friends will be all.over.that. XO!

  7. So happy for you and for not finding out the sex until he/she comes! And for the home birth. It is what I hope if I ever have a baby. Good luck with wearing your regular clothes longer :)

  8. Ummm SO cool that you're having a home birth... and brave :) I must admit that the idea of popping out a new life and then being able to crawl into your own bed sounds pretty appealing :) Do you already have a midwife and birth plan and everything? Prob a silly question? I'd love if you did a post on how to go about having a home birth, choosing a midwife, etc. It's all so new to me!

    ps You look beyond adorable with your cute little baby bump!

  9. Your answers are the best!!!!

  10. I wasn't brave enough to do a home birth with this current pregnancy, but I totally want to next time! I am planning a water birth at the hospital though with my midwife! We can swap stories!

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  12. you are beautiful! simply stunning. i mean it!