That Happy Holiday Ache

Christmas time does something amazing for my soul.

Maybe it's the fresh pine needle smell
or all the red and white.

Maybe it's the delicious treats to stuff one's self with {yes, it's most definitely this}
or the happy Pandora Christmas station that sets the whole house in the right mood.

Maybe it's the sacred traditions that give one a sense of belonging
or the reminder in the quiet moments of how amazing it is that God came like in a little baby so He could walk with us on earth.

Whatever it is,
I just know that it's intoxicating to my heart and soul.

Yesterday was the happiest, healthiest dose I could have asked for.  We spent our afternoon tromping around the tree fields in search of that perfect tall tree.  The tall part is super important to me.  If you aren't straining to put the star on, we have failed in our tree-picking-abilities.  Then the obligatory cup of hot cider {which resembled sometime more like heated apple juice} and a candy cane for stirring.

Once we got home, it was a furry of sawing and trimming to get the aformentioned massive tree to fit into our cheap tree stand and lots of promises to ourselves to purchase a better one at the end of the season.

Then the untangling of lights and replacing of burnt fuses.  Classic.  And then all the special Christmas pieces from the boxes.  Little wooden nativity.  My ornament collection from Mom and Dad.  Lots of greenery swagging all over the house.  Scraps of red calico.
Bing Crosby.  Frank Senatra.  Homemade hot cocoa.  Tiny marshmallows all melted into a solid white foam.  Lots of kisses.  And then the traditional Christmas movie while cuddling next to the tree.


It's truly the most wonderful time of the year, Lovelies.  So let's all join hands and promise to keep the stress and anxieties far far away from our families.  Life is much too short to waste with those.


  1. love that you cut down your own tree - mine are real but I cheated and bought them from a lot. I have that same coat!

  2. I wish our tiny apartment afforded room for a tree. You've definitely inspired me though:)

  3. I did the same yesterday! I love love love the way my house smells right now!

  4. Ooh this is a sweet post. - we have to wait until December to trim up - roll on Saturday is all I can say!! :) (hot cider sounds good)

  5. love your tree!! :) What a fun little adventure to get it. Makes me want to go out and find ours!