When Peeing Becomes A Full Time Job And Other Pregnancy Phenomena

Growing up in a house with six younger brothers and sisters, I thought I knew a lot when it came to pregnancy and all things baby.  I mean, hello!  My mom let my sister and I attend our four youngest siblings' home births.  Let's just say I'm no stranger to timed contractions or a freshly birthed placenta.  

Then I had the good sense to marry a cute blonde boy and let him knock me up.  Hello Mama!  

The last twenty-five weeks, I've learned more about being pregnant than I collectively learned in my past twenty-five years.  Indulge me for 2.3942 seconds while I divulge them here.

First of all.  It's a little freaky how quickly your body can change in such a short amount of time.  

Take for example above photo exhibition Number One {above}  How in the name of all things cute and cuddly can I go from looking like that last Saturday to exhibition Number Two  {below}  Does a belly really explode that much in six days?!  Maybe yellow just isn't my color?!  Maybe I have a stud-muf of a baby in there that does a full workout routine everyday, turning all that protein I'm eating into solid muscle?!

Second of all.  Since when did peeing become a full time job opportunity?!  Or what crack in the woodwork do belly-rubbers really crawl out of!?  Or can I tell you how much bigger your belly looks today too?!

Lastly, is there a reason The Girls need to start down their milk-producing-path so soon?!  I mean, Hello Freaks of Nature.  It's like you are on Husband's side rather than mine.  Humph.  Maybe I should use it as leverage to spend the coupon for a free pink-striped-tote after a $65 purchase . . . 

Now I'm off to get ready for a gorgeous fall wedding this afternoon.  It's going to be in an amazing round barn and I'm eating just eggs for breakfast so I can indulge in multiple of course just one piece of wedding cake.  And if you are wondering, I will be trying to squeeze into this  /\  black dress I managed to wear two weeks ago.  I sure would appreciate you sending all your Non-Seam-Splitting-Good-Thoughts my way.

Thank you very kindly.


  1. You will find out so,so, much more.;) There is very little (nothing really) that glamorous about pregnancy! But oh, so worth it. And I know it's hard, and I didn't want to either, but cave in and buy a maternity dress. Then prepare to be shocked how often you wear that thing!:)


  2. Loved your post!! =) 25 weeks is the wonderful beginning of the things you will learn. The last 10 weeks seem to be an endless lesson of trying to find yourself. Which of course culminates in reaching a level where all sense and dignity fly out the window and you will find youself doing things you never dreamed you'd even think of. lol Keep enjoying the ride ... can't wait to see you with a tiny new one! {maybe we should schedule a meet-up the end of Feb. Mine is due mid-Jan. =) }

  3. I have no clue about the pregnancy stuff - but i am looking forward to hearing about your experience! It's good to see you back here - did you have a short break? (maybe mini-but i noticed) You are a very lovely pregnant lady - it suits you! I hope your dress fit! :) xx

  4. I looove these belly pictures! Happy pregnancy!

  5. Love how you wrote "let him knock me up" LOL! Were you really letting him? If so, you do have a perfect husband! Men who want babies are so cute.

  6. Hahaha! Hilarious. And for the record, you might be the cutest pregnant chick EVER.

  7. Haha this cracked me up! You are the cutest little pregnant lady I ever did see! (And you're still so teeny!) I wish I could say the peeing gets better after pregnancy, but every time I work out or jump .... uh oh ;)

    Good luck with everything!! XO.

  8. do i need to have chris call adam and tell him how gross childbirth and the days leading up to it really are? :) p.s. you're adorable and i wish i could see you right now in real life