Birthday Surprises

I just adore surprises.

Surprise cards in the mailbox from friends.  Christmas gifts.  Dates.  Thoughtful text messages from long lost friends.  Friends who remember our anniversary.
If I were writing the book, it would be the Sixth Love Language.

And birthdays.  Did I mention birthdays?!?  Sadly I'm so dang observant that it takes a very diligent soul to truly pull off an honest-to-goodness surprise.  Maybe that's why I can list off for my top favorite Surprise Birthday Moments is my life.

- My 8th birthday when I got that pink and mint green pair of roller blades that I wanted soooo badly I cried.
- A 20-something surprise party thrown by friends that included a full five minutes of complete shock.  And that's really saying something.
- The 23rd birthday I celebrated while living in China when my Mama sent a whole entire birthday package across the ocean so my roommates could secretly decorate our apartment the night before with streamers, balloons and birthday notes just like when I was 5.
- Then my 25th birthday last year when Husband faked going to work in the morning and then burst back into the bedroom and we spent the entire day together.

When Husband left for work yesterday morning, I may or may not have spent a few pregnant tears after he left me in our big bed alone.  Jeepers creepers. . . selfish much?!
Little did I know he hatched an entire plan to take the afternoon off for an overnight stay at the amazing hotel where we spent our wedding night.  In his words, I'm so hard to surprise that he had to convince himself that he had actually forgotten my birthday.  Bless this boy's heart.

We spent the rest of the day with a mega cuddle sesh, lots of not-so-pregnant-friendly foods and a movie in bed.  I even got a new little charm for my bracelet in honor of our very first Little that we can't wait to meet in two months.

And I may or may not have eaten some of this left over Deadly-For-The-Hips-Chocolate-Cake this morning.
Don't judge.  You would too.

- - -
Happy weekend, lovelies!



  1. Aww I'm glad I'm not the only one in the never.outgrow.birthdays camp!

  2. Goodness that sounds like such a great day!! What a treat! And happy belated birthday, friend :)

    PS - we are in the same boat - surprises (or being thought of) is my primary love language! but I, too, am too observant to really be surprised. but i married the right guy - he is the only one to EVER pull off a real, honest-to-goodness surprise where I was stunned and shocked!

  3. awww how cute!! =) What an awesome birthday & hubby! =)
    Much Love girl!

  4. Happy Birthday, sweet blog [wish-we-were-friends-in-real-life] friend!!!

    This is gonna be the BEST year YET!!!

  5. your belly looks too adorable! happy birthday!

  6. you are too cute! and birthdays are definitely the best ;)

  7. Surprises are MY love language, too! Only Cory sorta didn't get the memo. Haha. Try as he may, he really can't keep a surprise. Your mini vacay sounds like perfection. Happiest of Birthday, Cutest Pregnant Girl I've Ever Laid Eyes On!