When Life Gives You 5:30 Alarms, Go On A Donut Date

Friday morning the alarm went off at the ungodly hour of 5:30.

Que the rolling over under the heap of down blankets,
the "Will you cuddle my back quickly?!",
then the remembering that the healthy breakfast foods of eggs, yogurt and fruit are all gone.

So of course the logical next step is to rush out the door five minutes early, after convincing Husband that we neeeeeed a donut date for breakfast.  Because can anything else soothe the sting of exhaustion after five days of crazy schedules?!  

This year has been lots of little lessons in making the most of the moments.
Learning that these days will never be just like this again
so how can I celebrate the special things about them.

Should I let you in on a little secret?!

The days when I don't blog
and my social media accounts are deathly quiet,

those are the days I drove bus for two hours in the morning
then parked my car in a sunny place to stay warm
slept for several hours
and then went back for another two to seven hours of bus driving.

I struggle to feel like my life has any real purpose right now.
Besides turning food into a human {thank you Modern Family}
and working to pay off a third credit card in the last six months{!!}

I feel like all I do is sleep, drive bus and eat my cold lunches in the front seat of our car.
I get tired of doing emergency loads of laundry at 10 o'clock at night.
Tired of 12 hour days away from home.
Tired of being so tired that I actually sleep really well in the car.

Then I remember that even in the tiredness and stress of our current schedule
there are real, honest-to-goodness joys that I can celebrate.

Like a clean kitchen for the first time in three days what a novel idea
and the super easy Christmas, sparkle jars on my dresser yay for crafts that take less than all day
and most of all,
donut dates with my favorite boy before the sun comes up.

- - - 
Happy Tuesday, lovelies!


  1. Hang in there, babe! When I was pregnant with Rachel I was going to school full time, working half time, and riding each day with Mark to his crazyhard job as a mechanic. Up before the crack of dawn. Home late. Sleeping in the car between classes. Sounds oh-so familiar, right? :) The strange thing is that we look back on those days as some of the best days. Being young, broke, and in love really IS an adventure that will only make the rest of your adventures all the sweeter. You can do it!!

  2. Oh wow, Nicole! You sound so busy & tired, but your blog continues to be positive yet true to your experiences. I commend you for finding the positive in your days, even if they include things you would not exactly hope or want to happen all the time. You are truly an inspiration. To me, this post is like a mini-version of the "Best Days" post from a while back. It has actually helped me realize more consistently that each month, each week, each day, each moment in life, whatever may be happening, will soon be a past to which we can never return, and it is important to cherish it for what it is. (Sometimes easier said than done...) So thank you again for sharing your lovely light with the world. :)
    Your little blog fan,

  3. Thinking about ya girl, and hoping things calm down for you soon! Your glittered mason jars are adorable :)

  4. What fun..dount dates before the sun is up! Sorry to hear you are in the midst of a crazy busy time. Hopefully, things will begin to slow down for you. I love the jars too!!

  5. Love this! What a great idea--donut date! So perfect.


  6. Yummy...Really delicious food....Keep posting dear...hang on...
    Burun Esteti─či