I have a love/hate relationship with New Years.

I tend to romanticize the idea of a whole brand new set of 365 days before me.
Such a perfect launching point for all the amazing ways I want to make myself and my life just that much better.  I mean com'mon, even though it hasn't happened for the past 25 new years, who's to say it can't now, right?!  Riiiiiight. . .

Last year, not long after yet another aforementioned routine, I stumbled upon this amazing post that introduced the idea of 'non-goals'.  Right away I fell in love.  Not only with the perfect way it celebrates life's little accomplishments, but seems to take the shallowness it takes from the average list of New Year Resolutions and give it the depth and beauty of real life.  In the words of the original author

"Non-goals are action items that I’ve already put into practice, or things about myself that I want to stay the same this year."

This I love.  So to celebrate all the wonderful things I was able to work at in 2012, here's my own list of non-goals to myself for 2013

1} After a whopping year and a half of marriage, you are still having weekly date nights.  Don't forget how valuable this is to  daily relationship and remember to keep it a priority.

2} In 6 months, you have successfully paid off two credit cards, purchased a car with cash, and started saving money in an emergency fund.  Keep at that tight budget because someday soon it is going to pay off.

3} Remember that getting pregnant is actually one of the best things that has happened to your body because it inspired you to actually learn what it means to eat healthier.  You have also truly rehydrated your body by drinking a gallon of water everyday.  Don't stop this after the baby is born.

4} There are corners of your house that are beginning to have an organized routine.  Don't loose this and let it carry to other areas of your home.

5} You have rediscovered the love for reading. . . even though has lent the library enough overdue fines to purchase a new set of unabridged encyclopedias.  Keep learning and broadening your mind.

6} Overwhelming days have pushed you to go to God in prayer on a regular basis throughout the day.  Continue to cultivate this habit even when you aren't feeling so overwhelmed.

7} Don't stop searching for ways to encourage the people in your daily life.  Write letters, make phone calls, use social media, send love packages.  Be a constant source of encouraging words and actions.

- - - - - - - -

And because old habits die hard, here's something I want to focus on in this coming year.

When I stumbled on this quote several weeks ago, I knew it had to be my mantra for this year.  Especially as I consider all the changes we are about to experience when Baby joins the family.  My prayer is that I can take the days God puts before me and truly love each little detail they hold.

I'd love to hear your non-goals for this year. . . or your goals.  Because we really can't help ourselves.

Happy New Year, lovelies!


  1. Beautiful post, Nicole! It is good to think about all the ways we can see God working in our lives right now and not always be so focused on how to make it better.

  2. I absolutely love this! Why not make your plans in the new year all about celebrating the successes of last year? Yours are fantastic. I definitely want to put some thought into this, but I know for sure I want to continue to be more real around friends and not afraid to let them see the good, the bad and the ugly.

  3. Awesome! I've never heard of non-goals before... but I love the idea! Thanks for introducing me to it! Some of my non-goals are to continue to growing in confidence with sharing my opinion in bible study etc.., continue to stay fit, and continue to be patient in waiting for God to show me what he wants me to do with my life :)

  4. Love this. You have such a clear and beautiful way of writing about your life. I guess my goals are non-goals too, because they're all about doing more of the good things I'm already doing.


  5. I have struggled with resolutions this year too. I'm a big list maker so it's hard to ignore completely, yet they can be so overwhelming sometimes! I basically want to continue working out, having supper on the table before 8 p.m. and trying to stay calm despite all circumstances! Oh, and continue organizing and simplifying. My goals are to write more handwritten letters and try to keep more up to date with my cute sayings/phrases our two year old comes up with. Thanks for the quote; I just copied it onto the kitchen chalkboard. The first for the year!

  6. Thanks for sharing, Nicole! This was a fantastic post, I'm just about to do my own non-goals!:) <3

  7. Yes I totally love this!! This is great

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  9. I absolutely love your non goals! Wish you would post more often. :) Hope everything with baby is coming along great! You will be a mommy soon!