No Friend February

Somehow we managed to jam pack our nine months of pregnancy with a whole lotta awesome stuff.
We took a trip to California.
Then there was the week we spent in China.
Five days was used up in the beautiful snowy slopes of Breckenridge Colorado.

Squeezed in between were a dozens of bus trips I had to drive which left Husband stranded at work until long after dark more nights than I can count.  We finished remodeling our bedroom, painted most the rooms downstairs, started a massive kitchen redo that involved painting cupboards and hanging new lights.  There were parties and showers, Bible studies and church events, and what seem liked one thousand and one other things to fill our schedules.

We were exhausted to the point of near meltdown and somehow that always means more marital conflict is quick to follow.  And to be honest, the thought of jumping from an insanely hectic nine months, straight into parenthood was rather frightening.

That's when we decided to institute 'No Friend February'.

'No Friend February' means silly things like late night trips to Applebees to half-priced appetizers.
It means a birthday overnight for Husband where we see a late night movie and walk around the mall for hours on a Saturday afternoon, just because we can.
It means being ok with saying no to extra things so we can say yes to reconnecting and preparing for our huge change that's about to arrive anytime in a tiny package.
It means taking time to remember how much fun I have with this guy I have promised to spend my whole life with and that he truly is my very best friend.

So if you happen to see one cute blonde guy copping a feel with his very large pregnant wife at a 24/7 restaurant joint this month, don't be alarmed.  It's just us, remembering and enjoying that we are young and in love and life is truly wonderful.


  1. Love the last two lines...men really do love their boobs, huh? I think you guys came up with the perfect plan.

  2. Nicole,

    What is the "offical" due date?


  3. Love this! No friend february sounds like the best idea ever :) You two are adorable.


  4. What a cool idea! You guys are adorable :)

  5. That is great! For me personally- after delivery I never loved my husband more it brought us so close but now 7 weeks later and daily life has set in, marriage has changed a bit, for the time being its really centered around our little one! You will look back and love this time!

    Ps- kissing during your birthing time- helps! Try it! :)