Sneakies-Peakies and Other Weekend News

Today was deemed 'Brave-The-Cold-Weather-For-Awesome-Baby-Bellay-Pics'
. . . more on that tomorrow.

It also was the day we celebrated my grandpa's *almost* eighty years on this earth.

Such a contrast.  Life and death.  Old and new.  Joy and sadness.
It's funny how we think we are so awesome and invincible in this life, when really we are one fragile breathe away from being just a memory.

As much as I hate facing the sadness and reality of how short life is, I know it is good and wise to do so.  It's like I was reading on this dear girl's blog just a couple weeks ago

Let's face it. Most of us would rather not go to a funeral. I know I would not. Our bodies would much rather go to a party. But in reality, our souls actually need to go to a house of mourning...without all the noise and distractions of a party. Because at a funeral, we actually sit still and think about what is really important: our eternal destination.

So painful.  But so good.

- - -

In other random news.

This weekend was also when Babys-R-Us exploded inside our house because of two baby showers that happened.  As did some extra hip-growing-chunkiness from all the sweet treats.

Ok seriously.  What the heck is fat storage for breast feeding?!  That seriously should have been nixed at the drawing board.  Pregnant woman deserve extra allotments of cupcakes and lemon-lime-pineapple punch.  It should be in the contract somewhere.  Jeepers creepers, folks, cut the hormonal woman a break.

Now I'm off to stay up til some ungodly hour of the night just because I don't have to wake before the sun tomorrow.  It's like some nice kind of cushy break before our whole world is turned up side down by our cute tiny person.


  1. Looks like two lovely showers... you look amazing! And oh so ready to be a momma soon :) Can't wait to see the rest of the belly pics!


  2. You are adorably adorable! (I LOVE that silhouette bump photo at the bottom; i want to replicate that so.dang.bad when we're pregnant!)

  3. You're so cute and look so happy! So excited for the new stage in your life!
    I agree with the sad part, too. I'd rather not think about the coming (sooner or later) end of life but it doesn't even matter if I think of it or not, it will be there. What I can do is to remind myself to get the most of what I have now and enjoy my life while I can. Thank you for reminding me. And I hope you have a very nice week full of joy and happy moments!

  4. You got a comment from FPFG? ^^^^ EeEeeekk! [love her!]

    So anxious + happy for you to have that baby!

    Congrats on being a stay-at-home mom now!!!!!

  5. You do pregnancy so well!! Can't wait to see your pics!