Weekend Love

I used to do a weekend round up of my favorites found on the internets throughout the week.
Then life happened and this blog kind of stopped happening.
Today seems like a good day to start again. . .  because you obviously don't have enough inspiring things to read, pretty things to look at and yummy recipes to fill your bellies.

Am I right?!  Right.
- - -

Sometimes I get scared that I am just about to be mom to a tiny person.  I have so much yuckiness inside me still.  These thoughts by Emily really gripped my heart and I want to tattoo them all to my arm so I don't forget.

The Emma Magazine --  it's as if Martha Stewart where in her twenties!

This list of foods to try in Chicago

Hilarious sh*t crunchy dads say!!

Some books I want to add to my reading list here and here

I am always searching for the perfect recipe of life's most basic foods.   Like the best pancake recipe and the perfect waffles.

This girl knows how to tell a baby story.

Shannan says orphans are everywhere. . .

A really happy workspace by one of my favorite mamas.

This post on baby routines is really inspiring.  Her Instagram feed is also drool-worthy.

A new favorite blogger girl

Last but not the least in anyway, this adorable Valentines video.  #heartsmelting

- - - -
PS. Be sure you share your favorite finds this week in the comments. . . Lord knows I need something to fill my waiting days.


  1. so glad you linked to kelli's story as i hadn't read it yet, gosh it makes me excited to give birth soon. you must be getting excited too, so close!

  2. i loved that video. so darn cute.