Why Social Media Should Be Banned On Valentines

Sometimes I wish that February 14 was just another normal day in the year.

Now before you confiscate my half-empty bag of conversation hearts and dub me the Pink-Valentine-Grinch-of-the-Year, let me explain.

I love the fattening truffles, over-priced rose bouquets and sappy cards just as much as the next girl, but honestly it's a sad day when Hollywood, Hallmark and Chocolate Shops everywhere have the ability to  make us feel like the most loved or the most forgotten girl in the world.  Not to mention the fact that social media feeds explode with red roses, heart-shaped pancakes and tiny packages with shiny things as if to remind us that anything less next to godlessness.

All this is right as rain if you marry a guy whose second middle name is 'Thoughtful-Planner'.  But what about the girls who fall in love with hunky, sweet men who think planning for special events should be reserved for just a few hours in advance?!  Does our culture truly get to define these men as thoughtless and uncaring?  Does lack of flowers or elaborately planned dinners merit a chip on the shoulder because 'I'm sure this means he doesn't love me'?!

*crickets, crickets*

I long for a day when Valentine's Day is redefined.

Redefined as a surprise visit from my favorite boy with a small box of truffles and a scribbled note that talks about his love and excitement over the new baby.

Redefined as a pizza picnic after dark with candles and a blanket for keeping warm.

Redefined as an overpriced tub of popcorn and the newest chick-flick in theaters, no matter how cliche it is.

Redefined as twinkle lights to make homecoming a little more special.

Redefined that love really is just being with your best friend and saying heck no to $50 roses.

So here's to my special day with my special guy. . . and the fact that I will be banning Instagram next year on the 14th.

Amen and amen.

- - - -
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  1. AMEN. I refuse to spend each year disappointed just because my man shows me love in more simple ways. I'm okay with that the other 364 days of the year, why not on v-day?

    And I think valentines day DID just get redefined. Atleast it did for you and me! Here's to a happy and simple and loving and social media-free lover's day next year!

  2. totally agree--vday is so over-rated! love this post. :) we shouldn't need to jazz up one day of the year just to show people we love them--we have everyday for that.

  3. I totally agree! My husband ordered pizza when I got home from a long day of work, and then he did all the dishes. That's all the gift I could ever need :)

  4. I agree. I love Valentine's Day, but not all of the commercialism that comes with it. Looks like you and the hubs celebrated in a perfect sort of way :)


  5. Your husband is amazing! Love those photos :)

  6. we tried to lay low for the holiday and just spend time with each other. that is the best part about it all. i don't need jewelry, roses, chocolates.... taking me to Chi-Fil-A so that i didn't have to cook was PERFECT.

    while we were out we talked about the holiday - i think is a fun holiday for families to spend together and talk about love and make cute crafts. but once your married every day should be valentinesy :)

    it is a very hallmark holiday but i just continue to celebrate it the way i want to :) maybe if we all do it will start to rub off on people :)

  7. We gave our good friends with 2 littles a gift card to a nice restaurant here in town and then had them drop the littles at our house where we fed them and loved them and put them to bed. Then I made dessert and our friends came back and we talked for hours. We have adventures all year long so Valentine's day is just another day. :)

  8. And a special day it was. What I love most is that was 'yours'. Simply beautiful!

  9. YES.
    I love my guy, but planning and scheming are just not ways that he shows love. And I don't even like red roses.

    Great post :) and those twinkle lights are lovely!

  10. Looks like you two had a lovely evening. We played Set and ate chicken salad. Muy romantic, no? It's all in spending time together; doesn't matter what you're doing. (Or how much it cost! I would strangle my love if he bought me roses--well, not really, but you know what I mean.) Can't wait for this baby to decide to meet us all!

  11. Bahaha. Love this post and totally agree! By the way, my roses were $13.99 (the price tag was still on them!) but my man loves me more than words can express. You're lucky to have a guy who writes notes!