I Did A Kinda Bad Thing

Last week I met up with a friend at the mall with my cute little dude.  Those two hours were so good for my soul.  While I fed my face some delicious Chick-Fil-A, we talked about everything from our-sometimes-scruffy-faced-husbands to parenting, from summer picnics to our insecurities as girls.  We also took time to pop into our favorite stores as I pushed Emmett in his carsea,t in a Target cart no less, all through the mall.  It was like I was some kinda classy parade float freak.  #palmtoface

But as I was leaving the mall, that I did a bad thing.  I can't tell you how many times I have tried to park in a spot in any random assortment of shopping establishments and I have been incredibly irked at the person who left their cart anywhere but the cart corral.  In three seconds flat, I morphed into That Person.  I was in such a rush to get my over-shopped-baby *see below* into strapped in and said cart corral was so far from where I was parked.  I sheepishly pushed it to the side, jumped in my car and drove off.  

While I'm embarrassed of my deed, it got me thinking.  How many times do I get irked at people all around me, not fully understanding the thought behind their actions?!  How many times do I judge before I know the whole story?  How many times do I get frustrated inside, instead of responding first with grace??

More patience.  More understanding.  More grace.
This is my constant battle I fight.  Maybe someday, as I work on it little by little, I will choose graciousness first.  And maybe I will also never ever abandon an oversized, red cart where someone else will park.

 *this is Emmett's post shopping, I'm-Not-Impressed-With-Your-Attempts-To-Impress-Me-With-Mr-Monkey Face*

- - -

In other random news.

I cooked my very own supper last night after almost seven weeks of consuming delicious meals from friends and about a dozen too many nights out to eat.  Pretty impressive if I do say so myself.

I took Emmett to his six week check and discovered that this little Chunky Monkey is about to top out at 14 pounds.  This mother is producing some kind of solid cream over here.

I am super thankful for the Ergo that our dear friends gave us.  You now can find me cruising around town like some kinda of baby wearing maniac.

Lastly, I am officially addicted to posting black and white Instagram photos, this blog and kissing my Little's chubby cheeks.


  1. You look amazing! Little guy is sooo cute. :) :)
    Now that I have kids, I actually like it when people leave carts in the parking lot....it's just so much easier to park by a cart, load the kids, and then push the cart in the store! I have to believe that other people think the same as me, so it makes me feel less bad for leaving a cart randomly in the parking lot. :) :)

  2. Such a great lesson. I find myself doing things like this and then realizing I get frustrated for the exact same things. Little lessons. :) Grace is a hard lesson to learn...but a necessary one.

  3. sweet girl.

    i always am blessed by your words.

    and you always have the best instagrams!

  4. Wow! I must have a shrimp nugget baby. She's 8 months and just now hitting 16 pounds! I totally understand though. Never again will I judge a mother for not being able to get her screaming kid to be quiet. Things happen. Kids are super awesome and fun , but hard too sometimes :)

  5. Think of it this way.......leaving your shopping cart in the parking lot is giving people like me (sans "littles" & "itty-bitties") the opportunity to move it, which I often do. Love your blog......it's like a breath of fresh air. You are definitely "salt & light" in this world!

  6. Oh he is so beautiful! Or er... handsome! :) I totally get what you're saying about the shopping cart, i do the same thing! It definitely a good lesson. You little guy is like my boys - they were huge!! So so cute!

  7. I don't know if my comment went through - just know you're little man is adorable! And totally been there on the shopping cart thing. Well, not that exactly, but totally get your point!