There's been a lot flying around internet these days about how we need to stop Social-Media-ing our obviously not perfect life.  Because let's be real.  We all know that the dirty laundry gets shoved out of the shot when you want to snap that squishy, baby-face moment.  Seriously.  Do you really think my kitchen isn't in constant state of The Good Clean Vs. The Evil Dirty?!  I digress.

The truth of the matter is this.  Too often the things we allow to drag us into a worthless heap of jealous comparison, are actually the very things that can inspire us to become the best friend, the best wife, the best mother, the best daughter that we can be.  In the words of a friend,

"Instagram is not the enemy.  Facebook is not the enemy.  Pinterest is not the enemy.  They can't make us covet, envy, compare or be jealous..."

We become our own enemy by allowing the beauty in other's lives to remind us of what we don't have, rather than encouraging us to celebrate our own unique and precious life.  And as my perspective shifts, I begin to find myself inspired and encouraged.

So in the spirit of inspiration, I thought I would share some of my favorite places on the web.  These are the places where I am reminded about the beauty of love and family.  The places where I am inspired to dream, to do, to live.  The places that remind me that the joys of life far outweigh the sadness.  The places that flesh out the words of Mary Oliver --

Tell me what you plan to do with your one wild and and precious life?! 

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// Inspiration for the Home:

// Inspiration for Loving the Boy and the Littles

// Inspiration for Dreaming and Doing

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Now you should be all tanked up with a weekend full of good reads!  (You can pay me later.)  Prepare to be inspired.  But only if you allow yourself to be.  And then take all that love and let it spill over into your real life.  To your friends.  To your man.  To your babies.  To your home.  

And of course I have to ask, what places inspire you the most?!  Maybe a blog, an Instagram feed, an author.  I'd love to know!!

- - - -

Of course this little face inspires me everyday.  I literally get quivery inside sometimes.  So thankful we have such a precious soul living in our home.


  1. Love this! I have a few blogs that I can always count on for inspiration. I think it's important to IG your "real life" but I also agree with you... we should work on ourselves to not compare ourselves to others' lives.

  2. This is sooo good Nicole! I had just been having an inner battle about all of this, this is all fabulously inspiring! <3

  3. love this ma'am! you are so cute. and inspiring. and so true. we need to keep our hearts in check!