Becoming Mama // A Guest Post

I had grand plans for sharing a  
mini blog series during my postpartum recovery.
It would showcase my 
favorite mom bloggers and their first moments with their babies.  
The ways they felt.  The ways they changed.  
The ways that one tiny person shakes up your entire world.   

Moms are busy people.  Ha!
Now I know.  
Of all my requests I sent out, sweet Lindsay, mama to the adorable Krew
was on top of things and had this gem of a story to share.
Today seemed like a good day to finally pass it on to you.

Happy Mother's Day Eve!!
- - - - 

I couldn't erase the photos of my son's birth on my camera; in fact they are still there now. They are saved on my computer as well but seeing them on my camera every once in a while brings such wonderful memories. And so, there they will stay.

As a first time mom I was soooo anxious to see my little guy. I was excited to experience childbirth and excited to hold my little guy in my arms. The pain was so intense and contractions were strong and so different from anything I had ever felt. I was exhausted, so tired-- so so tired. They told me his head was near and then there he was on my chest, as real as real could be. I had a baby!! He was mine! And chunky! All thoughts of being tired and exhausted had vanished. I had the sweetest little baby in my arms and then in my husband's arms. I was so happy and so thrilled! Truly, it all felt very surreal! I knew I loved this little boy all along in my tummy but what a beautiful little miracle he was to see him in my arms. And the love just continues to grow from that moment on. And my heart is as full as ever with this little boy in my arms. It's been two and a half years since this moment but I hope and pray that someday I can experience these amazing newborn moments again.

Be sure to check out Lindsay's full birth story here and her gorgeous instagram feed here.

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