Fierce Mama Love

I never knew how deeply motherhood would impact my life.

It scary, but beautiful.  It is letting your heart walk around outside your body.  It is growing and birthing a tiny person, then watching them grow and eventually live without needing you to survive.

Several weeks ago, our pastor shared from Genesis 3 and how part of the curse on Eve was increased pain in childbirth.  
Meaning that no matter how old our babies get, we will always ache to see them okay in life.  We hurt when they are sick.  Hurt when they are making poor life choices.  Hurt when they struggle.  Hurt when they are hurting.  

Our mother hearts never stop beating for our babies.

So although mothering means deep aches inside and learning what it means to love and let go; it is still so beautiful.  More beautiful than I could have imagined.

It's the beauty in the miracle of new life.
Beauty in seeing a tiny person that is both you and your best friend.
Beauty in the smiles and coos, the soft hair and tiny fingers holding yours.
Beauty in the hope of another generation becoming lights in a dark world.

Then there is the beauty of suddenly understanding how big my own Mama's love it for me.  The awe of Wow, there is someone that went through all of this for me?!  Somehow the appreciation, the admiration, the love explodes as you realize how truly amazing your own Mama really is.

This was my beautiful day on Sunday.
A reminder of the wonderful gift of being a mama
and of the fierce love it pours into us.
- - - - 


  1. I just had a son and I can completely relate!! Wow is right!

  2. Oh, you beautiful girl! That last image is picture perfect. And don't forget, on the flip side to feeling all that hurt when your baby hurts, is all the incredible joy you feel when your baby conquers a new feat or gives you a genuine kiss on the cheek. Best stuff ever.

  3. such a sweet and beautiful post, nicole.

    i hope you are having a happy day! :)


  4. I forwarded this to my mother earlier this week. So touching.

  5. very cute! you are such a great little mommy!

  6. Such a beautiful post. I love reading your thoughts on motherhood. xx