He Teaches Me

When our sweet Emmett joined our little family, I knew that we were becoming life-long teachers.

We would teach him to eat
teach him to sleep
teach him to walk
teach him to read
teach him to drive
teach him to clean a toilet 
teach him to love
teach him to be a man.

What I didn't realize was how desperately I needed my little son to teach me.

Today we were out walking around our little town.  I mailed a birthday package for a friend.  Bought some groceries for this weekend. Then somewhere between the cookie aisle and the checkout counter, I could hear the little dude filling his diaper.  Lucky I planned ahead and brought extra, but since our small town's grocery store doesn't boast of a handy diaper-changing station we headed to the modern-day library to find one.

As we walked, I was humbled.  How many times in life do I find myself sitting in a mess.  

A mess of unfinished projects 
Strained friendships
Busy schedules
Unexpected bills
A scary prognosis

Instead of patiently waiting for a resolution, I squirm.  I cry.  I complain.  I ask Why me?!  I usually act worse than my two month old son who was patiently being carried along.  Patiently waiting for me to rescue him from his mess.  Patiently watching the passing cars and the sunshine on the trees.  Patiently trusting that he isn't big enough to fix things on his own, but there is someone who can.

So today I'm thankful for my little man who is currently teaching me more than I am teaching him.
He is teaching me what it means to patiently wait.


  1. Amen. These babies are incredible little things, aren't they?!

  2. Being a momma looks good on you! :) And Emmett is such a doll. I love seeing new pictures of him. I'm not a mom yet but I'm a teacher and I find myself learning new things from my students ALL.OF.THE.TIME. Crazy how that happens.

  3. What a cute little guy! After praying so long and finally getting my baby boy, I am now again finding myself praying for another baby so I can make him a big brother. I look at my son and am reminded how much he was SO worth the wait. Sometimes waiting for God's timing is the hardest, but we have faith and we wait because that's all we can do. :)

  4. Such a great lesson!! He is just the cutest.

  5. his face in the first photo is priceless!

  6. Love this. Thank you for sharing what you are learning!

  7. I like this, and agree! As much as I feel responsbile to teach my little Asher, he, like all children are great models of love and faith. Priceless little gems.
    :), Amanda.

  8. I just stumbled upon your sweet little blog and have spent the pst several days pouring through your archives. So happy for you and your beautiful little family! Good is good.