June is for Parties

June is our family's happenin' month.  That month when we get our party on.
We celebrate our anniversary, two sisters' birthdays as well as my mom's big 50th surprise party, Father's Day and our newest day to remember; the day we found out Emmett was coming.  

How do we only have nine days to this month?!  Still to come is a girl's tea party, a wedding and lots of sister hang outs.

Sometimes I worry that we are too busy.  All the weekend parties, the goings here and there.  Should we lock ourselves into our four walls and enjoy a slower life?!  Maybe we should. . . as it may help those deep set, bagging eyes we are sporting.  But somehow all the celebrating reminds me how much I have to be grateful for.  Grateful for family, for new milestones, all the moments that should be cherished and celebrated in life.  

My heart is so happy right now.  So incredibly blessed with love and family and life.

^^ Anniversary date night with my favorite guy ^^ 

^^ A new restaurant, Speak Easy Style ^^

^^ Cupcake party in the belly.  No duh. ^^

^^ Birthday picnic.  Extra cool points because my dad played at this park as a kid! ^^

^^ Surprise date night from Husband at the drive-in movie theater.  Bowchicawowwow. . . ^^

^^ Our Celebrate Emmett Day.  He requested all his favorite foods, so we obliged.  Obviously. ^^

^^ He is part of my heart that lives outside of me. Love him, love him, love him. ^^

^^ Life is not complete without cheesin' family cell phone pics ^^

^^ This sweet kid took his dad to the movies for Father's Day.  We seriously love him ^^

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  1. Your post totally sums up why I'm so into event planning now. I just love being able to celebrate life with the people I love. These pics are so fun - how cool was that playground? Love that your dad played there as a kid, that's a great idea for something special for him.