Summers Are For Bucket Lists

I have been so excited for our first summer with a baby in tow for so long.  Somehow everything seems more magical when there is a little person involved.  Not as though Emmett gives a hoot if he spends his days cooped up inside rather than adventuring around town.  I have a sudden urge to make the most of baby's first time experiencing a hot Iowa summer.  Time is flying by so quickly already.

 ^^ This happens every time Emmett shows up.  Sweet boy is so loved!! ^^

^^ I love how this shot is so us.  Bethie fixing her hair.  Dive bomb kisses from the aunties.  My big messy hair.  Emmett all squished in the middle of the craziness.  This is so precious to me as it was our last swim date with our sister Tiffany {black suit in the middle} before she made her long term move to Mexico.  I already miss these days. ^^

So at the risk of appearing a copycat of the rest of the blogging world and thus shaming creativity all together, here's our summer bucket list.
- - -

>  Fireworks over the ocean in California
>  Get an ice cream maker and use it at least a half a dozen times
>  Hot dog and marshmallow roast at the family's firepit
>  Take Emmett to the ocean
>  Carve our names in a tree
>  Camping trip
>  Baseball game with hot dogs and crackerjacks
>  Sunday morning brunch at our favorite diner
>  Feed the ducks
>  Visit the gourmet slushy stand
>  Walk along a pier
>  Outdoor concert
>  Bonfire on the beach
>  Take Emmett on a carousel
>  Send three surprise love packages to friends
>  Visit sister in Mexico and eat a load of real tacos
>  Iowa State Fair
>  Make a summer reading list for Emmett, myself and us
>  Day road trip
>  Picnic with friends
>  Old Thresher's Reunion
>  Use our big camera more often
>  Watch a movie outside
>  Homemade lemonade slushies
>  Sand castles with Emmett
>  Double date with bro & sis in law
>  Take Emmett swinging for the first time
>  Swim dates with the sisters
>  Family photoshoot
>  Backyard party with friends
>  Pick an official summer song and learn all the lyrics
>  Stargazing
>  Smile bigger and laugh louder

- - -
What's on your summer bucket list?!  
Happy weekend, friends!!


  1. Gourmet slushies?! Yummmm. I also want to have campfires with hot dogs and lots of s'mores! Can't wait to see some family photo shoot pictures of your cute little family. :)

  2. Yes to all of it! Especially ice cream: I was thinking the same thing today.

  3. man. that kid is so loved. what fun.