Right now I'm sitting at my computer pouring through two years of photos.  Two years of memories.  Two years of life-changing moments.  It's amazing how much life and love is crammed into 730 days.  In many ways it seems as though we have been married forever, yet it feels like yesterday.

Sometimes I wish I could go back and relive all those special moments again.  That morning of anxious hair fixing and make-up application.  The drive towards the church.  The watching of hundreds of friends pouring through the big church doors to celebrate us.  The steps towards the aisle and that first glance at my soon-to-be-husband.  The words of promise.  The foot washing.  The first kiss.  The surprise of confetti showering down on us.  That drive away from the church.  Ahh!  Is this how is feels?!  This is what married people can do?!  The cake.  The dancing.  The kisses.  The hugs from our favorite people in the world.

Then the first night together.  The holy discovery.  The flight to an island.  The surprise string ray coming out of the ocean floor.  The drive home for the first time.  The house buying.  Movie nights.  Trips to California.  The pregnancy test.  The surprise.  The changing of one's body.  The comfort of acceptance and unconditional love.  The brush with death.  The celebrating of a tiny new life that looks just like us.

And of course there are the tears.  The first fights.  The moments when you question, How will we ever work this out?!  The compromises.  The amazement at how same and yet different we can be.  The making up. . . and then out.  The bills.  The counting of pennies.  The comfort in a bond that keep growing.  Growing little by tiny little as we learn what our wedding vows truly mean.

I wouldn't trade my life right now for anything.  Not for money in the bank.  Not for a solid vision of the future.  Not for one less fight.  Not for any someone who is strong in his weaknesses.  Because somehow in God's great plan, He chose to put me with just the perfect man for me and it has been the greatest, most fun I've had my whole entire life.  And I know that fifty years from now, God graciously willing, we will understand the amazing gift of marriage that much more.

Happy two year, babes.  I adore you more now than every before.
PS. Hurry home because I can't wait to celebrate us!! Mwauh!

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Anniversary One 


  1. Love this post! Something so special about the gift of marriage. :)

  2. This post was so sweet! Congrats on 2 years together! Hope your 3rd is even more wonderful :)

  3. this post just made me tear up. congratulations

  4. i still remember when you were just a single gal living at home...so crazy!

  5. this is beautiful. Happy anniversary! Isn't marriage the best??

  6. Super duper sweet! I feel all warm inside :) Happy Anniversary!