Welcome Baaackkk!!

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Welcome to my brand new corner of the big wide web!!!
I am so excited to show you around, so grab your coffee and stay a while.
- - -

Life is made up of constant little changes as we strive to serve more, life more, love more.  This usually looks like one step forward and three steps back in my life.  Then there are moments that suddenly change and redefine your whole life.  

Emmett's birth was my moment.

Here I was holding this tiny little baby that was a perfect mix of Adam and I.  So little.  So innocence.  So hopeful.  There was a sudden urgency to squeeze every bit of life out of my days with him.  Maybe it was this post reminding me that my days of up-close, life-living with our babies are numbered.  Maybe it is the realization that I am not even guaranteed those days.  How do I know that my babies will outlive me?!  Life is so fragile and uncertain.  I felt the urgency to live in that light.  Not taking marriage or motherhood or friendship or ministry for granted.  All I am guaranteed are these moments I am living right now.

Then I stumbled across this line on someone's Instagram profile:

Today is my favorite

It all made sense.
I cherish this beautiful life when I make today my favorite.  

My favorite because of morning cuddles in the sunshiney bedroom.  
My favorite because of big piles of books by the couch.  
My favorite because of simple, yet delicious suppers on the outside front steps.  
My favorite because of surprise birthday packages sent off to friends.  
My favorite because of skype calls to special people across the ocean.

The joy of life comes from discovering the million tiny ways to make today my favorite.  It becomes an act of worship through thanksgiving, joy and celebrating the wonderful gifts all around us.

That's when I knew I needed some changes here on the blog.  Not changes in content or honesty or picture overload of my sweet boy (duh!).  Maybe it's just changes for my heart.  My way of saving all these memories we are making together on our journey to live our life well.  Fully.  Gratefully.  
- - - 

So here's the skinny on the new site.  

First of all.  Do you notice the new web address up there ^^  
Hello dotcom. So glad you could join the party.

Secondly.  In an effort to streamline and make your navigation of Today Is My Favorite easy-breezy, take a look at these features.

1. The navigation bar at the top will quickly take you to our 'about' and 'faq' pages; as well as a special page for new readers to get caught up.  You will also find updates on my ongoing 101 in 1001 Project. 

2. I have streamlined our post categories into the top favorites.  Of course good eats made it on that list, right up there with love and babies.

3. Keep up with TIMF on all my favorite social media sites.  Be sure to check out the brand new Facebook page!! You also can find the link for our RSS feed if you enjoy following blogs that way.

4. One super easy way to keep up on the daily posts here is to follow by email.  It's a pretty sweet way of having the posts sent straight to your email box each day.
- - -

Ok.  Enough talking.  I hope you explore around the new site.  Please be patient as we are finalizing the new blog launch.  Let me know if you notice any glitches so we can fix them right away.  Also, I would love to hear your thoughts on ways you make today your favorite.  This journey of cherishing life isn't just for mammas.  It for all of us.  No matter what stage of life we may be in.  

We need it in our family relationships.  In our work place.  In our schools.  Our churches and ministries.  Our marriages.  Our babies.  Our adventures.  Every bit of our lives begs to be lived to the fullest.  

Welcome to our continuing story.

- - - 

PS.  Be sure to stop by tomorrow because I am excited about a special giveaway to celebrate the brand new launch of Today Is My Favorite!!  You won't want to miss it.


  1. Love it all Nic!!....... By the way, you're Seriously Gorgeous!!

  2. I wondered where you had gone!!! nice to see you back and oooh what a lovely looking bloggy!

  3. Whoa. Wow. Wowzers. Serious blog envy goin' on over here! Way to go you. The new site is rad.

  4. Beautiful!! Love the new look!! Also the name--I say that all the time! :)

  5. Love the new name, love the new look, love your black and white new family picture, love it all! ;)

  6. nicole!!!! i am in love with the whoel new look! I have been a follower forever it seams and you are SUCH an inspiration to me. i think your rebranding is PERFECT. "today is my favorite" that is your motto! what a beautiful, beautiful thing!

  7. Nic, I love the new look! I too was trying to get on here yesterday and having problems...glad to see that you're still here!! Funny-I'm in/have been, in the process of changing my blog name too! yay for dotcom newness!! =)

  8. Oh. My. Goodness. The blog looks beautiful! I saw a glimpse of it on instagram (and I actually checked your blog a week or so ago and got the "this blog is for invited readers only" referral page and was really hoping you were just giving your blog a makeover and weren't removing it from my blog list! So a HUGE sigh of relief there! :)

    And I love the new blog name. It's perfect and it fits you + your family so well.

    Can't wait to check it out and see what else is in store for Today is My Favorite!

    Oh, and congrats on the dot com! I've been thinking about making that change for awhile now. There's something so official about that dot com look. :)