5 Things I Wish I Knew Before Becoming A Parent

It has become so common in our culture to assume that all the stars must align before making the big leap into parenthood.  The perfect number of hours post wedding day, the perfect financial status, the perfect pre-baby, bucket list completed, the list goes on.

But like we learned with our amazing surprise boy, there is no way you can ever fully be ready for the change that comes with a tiny person joins your family.  It becomes this giant leap of faith, surrounded with a whole heap of prayers.  Then suddenly you find yourself in the middle of the most amazing adventure in the world.

There are somethings though, that I wish I had known before.  They go something like this.

*Disclaimer:  This is not to bash on anyone's decision to wait for babies.  Strong marriages are the best gift to children and sometimes that means taking time to establish that union first. This is a judgement-free post, meant to encourage anyone who has parenthood in their future.
I wish I knew what a beautiful ache it is to have a part of your heart walking around outside of your body.  This love that overpowers, that consumes me every time I see his face.  The love that makes me want to grab him close, kiss his checks and never let him go.  I guess that is the journey of motherhood. . . learning to love fiercely and with open hands.

I wish I knew how many new conflicts would be created between two different people, parenting their one precious child.  But knowing that instead of choosing distance or fear, we can choose to embrace them as a chance for growing even closer than before.

I wish I knew that there will never be enough money, never enough time, never enough of what the world says you need to raise a baby.  But what have they ever known when it's comes to relationships?!  Newborns don't care about $47 designer sleepers or $93 knit dolls.  They thrive on kind words and belly tickles and bedtime kisses.

I wish I knew how crazy hot it is to watch the man you fell in love with, fall in love with his son.  The way he can't stop kissing his head or repeating at least 17 times a day How adorable this kid is!!  These are the moments that are worth more than a million cruises in the Caribbean or nice cars in the garage.

Most of all, I wish I knew what a beautiful picture a parent's love would be of God's love for me.  Only now can my mind begin to understand in a small way, how He must be cheering on my faltering steps, being proud of tiny growth each day and smiling over me while I sleep.
- - -

So to all my friends whose homes will someday boast of babies, please don't fear the unknown.  Know that whatever sacrifices parenting requires in sleep or money or time, will repaid in one evening of laughter and cuddling in bed; until you honestly think your heart just might explode.

I promise.  Life is just about to get more beautiful. . .


  1. I love this! Thank you!

    An expectant mother :)

  2. So so sweet! I can't wait to have a little one of my own someday :)


  3. what a sweet post, especially to me since we are still waiting for the right time to add another to our family :) thanks!

  4. It's so fun to see you as a mama!

  5. Thank you, Nicole! It is always comforting to me when brand new mommies and daddies say how wonderful parenthood is, and how excited they are for others who are about to embark on the journey. This is especially apropos for me since we found out the flavor of Baby 1.0 this morning :)

  6. What a perfect time for me to read this. :)
    Thank you so much!

  7. I adore those pictures of you three!

  8. Totally agree with your words and the photos are just the sweetest pics ever!! Adorable blog momma!

  9. Beautiful! Love this and I agree with everything you said (except substitute daughter for son in my case!).