Family Meals // Week 2

 Cauliflower Tortillas . . . hello newfound love of my life.  They took about twenty minutes more of effort than the physical exertion it takes to pick up a pack of flour tortillas from the grocery shelf, but honestly it was worth every second of my time.  I paired this gluten-free tortilla with steak that I slow cooked all day in the crock-pot and I bedded them down with a layer of spinach leaves.  It was love at first taste.
That other green mush you see on the side?!  That's zucchini, onions and mushrooms sauteed in olive oil with a bit of sea salt and my favorite garlic seasoning from a glorious little health food market in California.  It's one of those dishes I like to call 'Ugly but Tasty'.
One last note on the cauliflower tortillas.  Double or triple the recipe because one will not be enough.  Be wise and learn from my mistakes.
Week of July 29 - August 2
Monday: Eat out
Tuesday: Zucchini Fritters
Wednesday: Turkey Burgers
Thursday: Orzo with Feta, Basil and Shrimp
Friday: Chicken Parmesan Wraps

- - -
What's on your menus this week?!

Happy Monday, friends!!


  1. Wow! That looks delish! :)

    Monday ~ Chicken & Salmon, sweet corn, mashed potoates.
    Tuesday ~ Eat out
    Wednesday ~ Spaghetti, garlic bread, and salad
    Thursday & Friday ~ Still thinking..

    Your menu sounds very good. :) If you get a chance stop by my blog..I'm having a recipe swap! would love your ideas.


  2. Monday: was supposed to be stuffed peppers but turned into spaghetti sauce at the last sec
    Tuesday: Marinated chicken, hummus, tabouleh, and the EXACT SAME zucchini you made! ...but with butter. :)
    Wednesday: Roast of Beef
    Thursday: leftover Roast, hopefully?
    Friday: Day with the sistas-in-law

  3. Oh, and I have to ask - did the caulitillas have any rotten cabbage smell to them? I tried a pizza crust right before we found out we were expecting (yes! a BABY!) and it ruined it for me. Was it just morning sickness?

  4. I am so behind on blogs! Were you always gluten free? My husband has a gluten allergy- and this meal looks perfect for us!! zuccini, mushrooms, onion, steak, spinach.. totally musts for our dinners!