Goodbye California, Hello Open Road.

It seems applicable that we would spend out last of our ten days in California on the beach.  The boys dragged their kayaks out to look for seals.  Us girls took the babies to the edge of the water.  Papa and Grandma did their grandparently thing.  Ju-ju would laugh at the approaching water and Emmett was as chill as could be.  

As I sat holding our little dude that can't stop growing, I couldn't help but think about our beach visits in five years.  I could see Emmett pulling his boogie board into the waves.  I could see him climbing the cliffs that rose up behind the beach.  I  saw his daddy teaching him to body surf and keep his kayak upright.  

Family is such an incredible gift.  My heart hurts sometimes because I feel so blessed.  The moments when we are together and happy give me such courage.  Courage to be more grateful in the middle of struggles.  Courage to remember what really matters.  Courage to live life with purpose and meaning.  
Early tomorrow morning we are packing our car and heading East.  I adore road trips.  The special snacks that seem justified by needing to keep awake.  The books to read.  The country music stations that have that All-American feel.  The stops by state line signs for photos.

We sure would appreciate all your Happy-Baby-Traveling-Thoughts you can send our way. May he fall in love with his car seat and the chance to watch 1800 miles roll by from behind.

Happy Monday, friends!
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  1. Are you coming through Colorado? Would love to introduce our guys... and catch up ourselves :)

  2. road tripping with a kid defintely has changed road trips! good luck!

  3. happy travels home to the great state of Iowa! I head there myself in just a month and can hardly wait for the sights of cornfields and all that Iowa greatness. =)

  4. Adorable family & love your photos! Where in the East Coast are you headed? We are in CT! I've never been to Cali, but I can vouch for the beautiful New England shoreline!! :)
    Safe & happy travels!

  5. That is such a fantastic picture of you and Emmett!