Grace For Littles

If I could accomplish one thing as a mama, besides seeing our children loving Jesus and people, it would be to live as a grace-filled parent.

I want to be the one that takes a deep breath, then bends over to teach my son how to sweep up the shattered glass from the cup he just broke all over my kitchen floor.

I want to be the one that doesn't get upset over torn Sunday clothes, scratched cars or forgotten chores.

I want to be the one that gently teaches and guides.  The one that calls our sons and daughters to a higher standard of living; not because it's the religiously right thing to do, but because we want to honor Jesus with our lives.

I want to patiently listen to my daughter as she cries over unrequited love and my son when he struggles with giving in to peer pressure.

I want to remember that our little people are souls too.  That they aren't just accessories to enhance my image.  I want to remember that they each have their own struggles and strengths.  Each embarking on their own journey to finding Jesus and loving Him.

Somedays I pat myself on the back when I've just been drenched with baby puke for the third time in a day or when I am covered in baby poop as our plane is landing at the airport.  What a gracious mother I am.  So patient and kind because I'm not strangling this child right now. . . 

And then when I finally wake from my prideful stupor, I realize that the hard days of parenting haven't begun.  We set our child on a blanket in the middle of the living room and ten minutes later, he is still there.  How hard can it really be?!

It's in those moments that God whispers If you want to to be a grace-filled parent someday, live a grace-filled life to those around you right now.  To the people that bother you, that hurt you, that cause your blood to boil.  Let me help you show be grace to them.  Patience.  Love.  And then maybe in sixteen years, when you need to My grace in the biggest way ever, you will find I have been filling you with it all along.

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  1. I don't have any children yet, but I want the very same thing. Living a life of grace to everyone around you is so powerful. Loved this post.

  2. So true, Nicole! Thanks for this reminder. I'm adjusting to Addison not being content to just play with her toys, but to explore and be curious and get into lots of things. Trying to figure out how to focus her little energy into good things! Thankful for His grace with me!

  3. Oh. I love this. Just starting down the parenting path with my lovely 5 week old (today!) daughter.

  4. This is so sweet. I want to have that same patience for my little ones in the future. You are so wise Nicole! Thanks for sharing what God's been teaching you.

  5. wonderful post, Nicole. So true...I'm (obviously) not a parent but I amen everything you said anyway!
    And btw...I'm lovin' the super regular posting! =) So fun to always find a new post on here!

  6. that's beautiful, Nicole. just beautiful. Thanks for sharing your heart here.


  7. This put me to tears. I, too, strongly believe in grace-based parenting and often forget that I need to, instead of saying I'll be "this"..."when", practice it now with others in my life. Such a beautiful post.

  8. Yes, this is such an important reminder for us parents. I'm really seeing this right now with my two month old and my five year old. It's much easier to show grace to a little one who can't control what she does than to a little big boy who should know better!

  9. Nicole,
    I've been an email subscriber to your lovely blog for a good while, but I'm almost a "lurker" since I've never commented, that I can remember!
    Your post was so insightful and heartfelt...it reminded me of the days when I wore baby puke and other body fluids...and now my two "littles" are 11 and 13! How time flies, and how good God's grace is!
    I loved those days when they were babies, but it just gets better and better. Yes, more challenging in some ways, and I often feel so inadequate. But God is good, and even when we make mistakes, He forgives and heals us. I want to be that kind of parent.
    You encouraged me today. Thank you!

  10. I haven't quite put my finger on it yet, but I am just so ecstatic to have found your blog. Everything about it seems to resonate with me and inspire me. This particular post was especially encouraging and beautiful. So glad you commented on Casey Wiegand's photo on Instagram, that I saw it, and that I was curious enough to click and click some more until I had fallen in love with your little space. I do think ill stick around for a while :)