Hello, This Is Me

Do you ever wonder if all these bloggers you admire are just as cool in real life as they are in their pictures?!
I finally got my chance to test this out because on Wednesday afternoon I met up with the gorgeous Natalia, from Ma Nouvelle Mode.
I was completely overwhelmed by her genuineness and the fact that we are actually real-life kindred spirits.  I may or may not have put a short amount of time on my parking meter just in case it got really awkward and I needed a clean escape.  Instead I ended up running back to load up the meter again because we still had so much to talk about.

As we walked around 3rd Street Promenade in Santa Monica, we managed to hit all the high points; marriage and raising boys, traveling and of course blogging.  I walked away so incredibly blessed.  Even the drive home through rush hour traffic on the 405 couldn't make me stop smiling.

One of the greatest things was the fact that I left feeling inspired to embrace me for just me.

If you have have been reading this blog for a while, you know that I am horrifically impulsive and easily want to give up when things get tough.  I get my heart set on a goal and when it doesn't happen, my natural instinct is to quit.  I also have a very bad habit of comparing myself to everyone around me.  I struggle to embrace me for ME.

My afternoon with Natalia reminded me of the importance of this.  Especially when it comes to blogging.  So I thought I could use some practice in embracing myself just the way I am.  Not for what I wish I was.  Not for what other people want me to be.  Not for anything less than me as ME.
- - - -


I am the oldest of seven kids and even though it wasn't always a walk in the park, I wouldn't have wanted anything else.  Someday I hope Adam and I have our own houseful of babies.

I was home schooled, spent a few years attending a church that was made up of former Amish and Mennonites and wore skirts everyday for most of my teen years.  I am still learning to let go of religion and embrace the relationship with Jesus.

I hate horror movies, bananas and attitudes of entitlement.

I am a dreamer, but most days I'm scared to take the leap.

I have an addictive personality.  Especially when it comes to Instagram, jelly beans and old chairs.  This is probably why it's a good thing I don't drink.

I will probably never wear floral pants or red lipstick and therefore I will never be a fashion blogger.

We do not believe in co-sleeping for our babies, but most mornings I bring Emmett into our bed for a early breakfast and cuddles.

I love the ministry of encouragement and dream of starting a girl's retreat centered around that.

I will probably never be that mom that takes monthly photos of my littles and I have already forgotten how many weeks old E is.

I didn't go to college and I get really self-conscience about this in public settings.

I usually always have a sink full of dishes that are drip-drying and a load of laundry that needs to be folded.

I struggle to connect with God through daily quiet times, but I am constantly feeling His cloeness through a good worship session with Pandora.

I am scared of loving our babies so much that I forget to let them make mistakes and grown into their own independent life.
- - - -

What about you?!  What things can you embrace and love about yourself?!
Happy weekend, friends!


  1. Glad you were so encouraged. I just recently wrote a blog post about not comparing myself to people, including you :) Have a lovely weekend!

  2. I LOVE you for you on here friend! Even though we have never met in person, you are super high up on my list of people I want to meet :)
    You encourage me in so many ways in every one of your posts, I always feel encouraged by you to seek more of the Lord and His plans in my own life.
    And if you ever set up that retreat, I want in ;)
    Much Love!

  3. You are awesome. I had so much fun. We are definitely kindred spirits, meant to be friends! So glad to have met you in person! Let's keep it up every time you're in Cali!

  4. i just started following your blog. i really enjoyed this lovely post about you and such pretty photos too.

  5. I have loved your blog from the first time I read it but this blog really spoke to me. I see so much of myself in you and what you blog about. I too didn't go to college and have been very self conscious about this but I LOVE my job that I have without a college degree ... and that's what it's about..right? Pandora always induces a worship session with me too. And I am SO in if you do a retreat! I would love to help you realize that dream! Anyways ... long story short, you inspire me and I would love to meet you some day! :)

  6. i just had my first blog meet up and it was a similar experience! so fun to meet these people that we read about all the time!

    also. i love your heart. you are so wise and encouraging! i think of phil 4:8 - your blog is lovely, true, excellent - and i just love that you are you! i have to watch myself from comparing myself to bloggers like you as well. Satan so wants us to miss the joy of being ourselves!

    seeking the Lord with you!

  7. I would love to hear more some time about your dream for a retreat for encouragement and will echo the other comments and say I'M IN! What a beautiful idea! Also, I am so impressed by the way you have been able to encourage those around you in the blogging world. I want to improve on that. I feel like most of the time I barely even "exist" in the blogging realm next to all of those mega-bloggers, and I wonder what I would ever have to say to any of them that could be worthwhile. And yet it seems that you have been able to reach out and encourage those around you. Keep up the great work!

  8. This post really speaks to my heart because I am the same way! I don't embrace myself enough and I'm also a dreamer who's afraid of taking the leap. I think that has also affected how I respond to my husband's dreams. I'd be like, "would that actually work?!" Then I'd feel guilty like I'm crushing his dreams! Thank you for being an example in embracing yourself just the way you are! Go, you!

  9. You have a BABY!! And the cutest one at that!! I have been so behind on blogging but I'm excited you have Instagram!

  10. such a beautiful post. I love that last picture of you and Emmett.

  11. I love this list & your honesty!!