On My Heart

Years ago, I was super political.  Super political like helping with 20,000 piece mailings being sent out for a local candidate, door knocking, phone banking.  The whole shabang.  Wrap me in a flag and call me a patriot, I guess.  One year we work with a guy that was about my age.  At 21 years old, he was running a state representative campaign.  

I remember one afternoon a group of us were working on stuffing and stamping envelopes to be mailed the next day.  The question came up about what our dream job would be.  Jared answered I would like to work with Passion.

Unbeknownst to me, he was talking about the Passion Conferences; though I took his statement as if to mean whatever he did, he wanted to do it with passion.
Yesterday morning, Jared passed away.
It was a shock to me, as he seemed so full of life when I saw him several years ago.  Now his story is one of a life cut short.

When people my age die, it strikes a different cord in my heart than the passing of older people.  It reminds me that I could be next.  Or my siblings, my friends.  Any given moment could be our last.
- - - 

So today, as my heart is hurting and sobered.

Hurting for his family.  His friends that never got that last chance to hang out.  That last movie watching trip.  A last phone conversation.  Their lives have such a gaping hole.

Sobered because I want to remember to make each day count.  When I think of an old friend, I want to pick up the phone and reconnect.  When I am frustrated over small bank balances or dashed dreams, I want to remember the things in life that truly matter.  When I feel hurt and angry over the actions of someone I love, I want to choose grace and second chances.  Because this is what really matters.


  1. My heart is heavy for you girl! It always hits close to home when a life is taken prematurely. So sorry about your friend!

  2. I'm very sorry to hear this. I know I'm very new here and have never met you. Death is never easy.

    I recently found out that my dad has cancer. Nobody really close to me has ever passed away before, but the whole situation has made me realize that they will someday. funny that I ran into this post, today of all days.