Tonight I Miss China

It's a strange thing how your heart can be so divided between the places you love.
Tonight I want to be in China.
If you have been reading this blog for any amount of time, you know that a big piece of my heart belongs to some orphans in China.  All those summers that Adam and I spent at the Bring Me Hope summer camps truly changed our life.  I mean, we met and fell in love there so of course it's one of our favorite places on earth.

Today as I was looking at the pictures of so many people that are at camp right now, I got a little sad.  Sad because I want to be there hugging the kids and singing the crazy, annoyingly-repetitious camp songs.  I want to be there to kiss away the tears and let each of them know that their life is valuable and treasured.  And let's be honest.  I want a huge plate of dumplings and a cold bottle of their crazy-addicting red tea.  Just keeping it real here, guys.  Seriously though, if it weren't for us needing to keep our chubby, young baby off the international flights until he gets a bit older; I'm sure we would have been fighting for a chance to spend time at the camps this summer.  But since I'm not there, I want to still do my part in making a difference.
When I spoke today with our dear friend, David Bolt {who also happens to be the founder of Bring Me Hope} he was sharing that camp sponsorships took a drastic hit this year.  Currently they are short around $18,000 to finish the fourth week of the 2013 summer camp.  Honestly, that is such a huge need and while I don't like to use my blog as constant infomercial, I do think we could band together and make a difference in the life of an orphan.

And since I think that this blog has the most sincere and genuine readers, I would like to propose a project.  I would love to see if together we could raise 20 full camp sponsorships.  It's a pretty big goal, but I think we can do it.  There are sponsorships of all sizes, but with a full sponsorship of $125, you will get a phone call from one of the orphans at camp AND a thank you letter sent to you from that child.  It's such a tangible way to make a difference.

If you decide to join Adam and I in this challenge, please visit Bring Me Hope's webpage here and make your gift.  Also be sure to mark in the 'Order Notes' section in the shopping that you are part of the "Today Is My Favorite Challenge".  I promise to keep you posted on our progress as a team!!

Ok.  I feel all campy and team-spirit-ish now, so one big group hug is being sent to you all.
Ready, set, break!!

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  1. I just love your spirit - how you are so passionate in reaching out to these kids! I will be praying that the foundation would be fully funded! :)