A Travel Book of Notes

I love pretty paper things.  I love hand written letters.  And I love when people take time to do something special just because they are thinking of me.

Whenever I see all three combined, I get excited and inspired.
Several years ago, I lived in China for six months.  One of my sweet friends sent me off with a whole packet of pretty envelopes.  She gave me instructions that there were special cards to be opened are particular days.  Week One of Camp, Week Two, etc.  Then there were other envelopes marked, Open When You Are Having a Bad Day, Open When You Need To Laugh. . . you get the idea.  There were so many times I opened a card on any given day and it was just what I needed.  Sometimes I would cry, sometimes I would laugh.  I felt so blessed by my friend's thoughtfulness that summer.

A couple weeks ago I happened upon a treasure of a blog, Oh Hello Friend.  She started something called The Book of Notes that she gave to her husband, inspired by this awesome children's book.  Her whole site and shop is an overload of inspiration and happiness!!
Combining these two ideas, I decided to make my own version of a book of notes for my sisters when they went on their mission trip to help with tornado relief in Oklahoma last weekend.  I decided to call it a Travel Book of Notes.

I used some art paper, scraps of craft paper, lace, stamps, washi tape and little envelopes to create notes for each day they were gone.  I also included encouraging thoughts, little pockets for the notes and even a little space for journaling.  I created this at 1:00AM one night when Adam and I decided to be young and crazy and stay up late doing projects this always seems like a good idea until it's Baby-Wake-Up-Time the next morning so they weren't exactly perfect.  Despite my crooked lines and messy stamped lines, it was so fun to hand over a special gift to my sisters before they left.  I'm so proud of their hard work!!

Now here are a few excerpts from the books. . .
Happy Monday, friends!


  1. Thank you for visiting my blog! I've been sucked into your blog now for the last 30 minutes! Consider me your newest follower!!

  2. Such a cute idea!! I love these!